Couponing Experience

IMG_8178I am not going to be one of those crazy couponers that post 24/7 about how they got a ton of items for next to nothing. What I WILL do is just share a little glimpse of how I got all of these items (over $90 value) for only $20.

Diapers – these are always one of the easiest items to get at a great discounted price, usually at a drugstore. I have never purchased diapers at full price because there’s absolutely no need to. They are usually $12.99 full price – every couple of weeks they go on sale for $8.99, for some people that’s good enough. This week I purchased them for $8.99 each ($26.97 for 3), I had three manufacturer coupons for $5.00 ($21.97), PLUS, between two apps I mentioned here, I saved an additional $4.50! I got away with three packages of diapers for $17.47 (about 14 cents per diaper depending on the size). This is a great time to stock up on the next size of diapers or prepare for another baby for the future (or buy them for a friend)!

Tissues – when did these stupid pieces of cotton get to be SO expensive? I find it difficult to find a good sale on these babes. They were on sale 2/$3 – I then used $0.25 coupon, each box was $1.40.

Toilet Paper – Another item, along with Paper Towels, that I just hate handing money over for! TP and PT were on sale for $5.99 each, $0.20 manufacturers coupon for a total of $5.29 (88 cents per roll).

Desitin – Can you ever have enough? Especially when Daycare somehow seems to go through a tube every other week! These were Buy One, get One 50% off – $8.49 each – $12.74 for 2, $1.50 manufacturers coupon off 2, $10.73 for 2.

Shampoo + Conditioner – You can get S+C for rock bottom prices if you shop the sales, and use every coupon you can find! L’oreal was $4.99 each, with $4 Manufacturers coupon, $5.98/2 plus $4 ExtraCare Bucks for buying 2 which made these $0.99 each.

Colgate – Toothpaste is another little guy you can usually get for free and sometimes MAKE money off of. This was $3.49, $2 manufacturers coupon and $2.50 coupon from the kiosk put $1.01 back in my pocket AND I got $2.50 ExtraCare Bucks for next time.

Razor – This was neither needed or wanted; however, Gillette sent me a coupon to try the razor or FREE (a 12.99 value).

Visine – I needed this; although I did have $1.00 manufacturers coupon.

Aside from the above, I had a store coupon for 10% off the entire order ($2.70 was applied), $5 off $15 coupon which was sent to my email. I also went shopping last week for some deals and had $28 in Extracare Bucks from that order, bringing my grand total before tax to $22.29.

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  1. Mom

    You gotta love it!!! Next write-up you need to talk about the “Chewy” meow-food…..and how Purrfect it was getting all those goodies for less than halfprice!!! xoxo


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