2 Week Update

I won’t do updates that frequently, but things are very new so I wanted to do a quick little update on whats been going on the last two weeks!

IMG_4184Age: 2 weeks

Stats: 7lb 7.5oz (26th percentile), dome 35cm (26th percentile), 21.5″ (90th percentile)

Clothes: Little man is still in Newborn sizes – we don’t have very many things that fit him since I thought I was having a bigger baby! He spends most of his days Swaddled in his diaper.

Favorite Foods: Mama’s Milk and Formula

Words: He’s enjoy working out his lungs lately!

Activities: Brandon spends most of his days sleeping. He really dislikes baths and having his diaper changed.

Favorite Things: Eating. He loves to eat and he loves to be walked around and up and down the stairs. Brandon also loves car rides and anything that keeps him in motion.

 Signature Moves: Ninja hands! No matter how well you swaddle him, they always seem to poke out!

Mom’s Proudest Moment: The best moment in the last two weeks has to be the little guys entry into the world. He doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot yet. I love when he looks at me and holds my finger so tight as he eats. Getting this Mom thing down to a science.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: It was truly amazing to witness my beautiful son’s entry into this world.  I am so happy that everything went so smoothly and how we are conquering the little bumps in the road that we have already encountered. In saying this, my proudest MOMents have been witnessing Danielle’s strength through this entire process.  She’s awesome

We had our two week Doctor appointment today and the little guy looks perfect and healthy! Not to mention cute! Because of his lack of interest in nursing, he lost more weight after birth than everyone wanted but boy has he made up for it in the last week by surpassing his birth weight by 4oz.

Today, Mommy and Mini went on a solo shopping trip to BabiesrUs while Daddy stayed home to relax. We made out pretty well. As soon as the “motion” stops, he wakes up and is an unhappy camper. I ended up carrying him around the store as he slept in my arms and we both sweat our body weight. Luckily, he’s cute and everyone commented on him – everything from asking if he’s a premie to asking if he’s mine because I “don’t look like I had a baby only two weeks ago”. Little man gets a lot of attention already – he was cruising around town in his Easter outfit from Mem today! 🙂 We also bought a new hat so he doesn’t have to wear the hospital one anymore, we found one to fit his little head.

IMG_4188 IMG_4170Uncle Michael came to visit this week!

Happy 2 week Birthday to our little man! We love you.

5 thoughts on “2 Week Update

  1. Agnes

    2 weeks! Time goes quickly enjoy every moment. Even when sometimes you want to rip your hair out just remember it’s all worth it! He is such a lucky little boy to have you both as parents!

  2. Cheryl Remond

    Another GREAT post!! I can’t wait for the next one to appear in my email!! You have so much to write about now that there is three of you!! Love you all!!

  3. Carol

    Great pictures and comments! Love hearing about Brandon’s progress. Jason also wanted no part of nursing and I spent many countless hours walking him around the house all hours of the night. All I can say is that it does go by quickly (I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times) and they do get over the fussyness. Looking forward to meeting him this weekend!

  4. Mah

    You guys are doing great – all 3 of you!
    I miss my little “bunny”. Looking forward to seeing him again this weekend.


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