24 Weeks


How far along: 24 Weeks and heading into the third trimester! EEK!
Baby is the size of: An eggplant
  Surprise! We don’t know and neither will you!
Weight gain: Had my checkup last week and after dinner I was officially up 14.9 pounds. So it’s safe to say that my 15 lb guess was NOT very far off. Doctor had no concerns regarding that or my blood pressure of 124/64
Maternity clothes:
Same as last week. Although in today’s picture I am in pre-preg jeans that actually are buttoned with no additional help such as a Bellaband. At least it proves that ALL 15 pounds are in my belly and not elsewhere.
Stretch marks:
Still nothing!! Woohoo
Belly button in or out:
  Still in.
Sleep: Been great for the last five days or so. I decided to kick the Snoogle to the side and try just regular sleeping and I have been out like a light! Not sure if I’m more tired than normal or just getting more comfortable.
Best moment this week:
My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Baby Shower! Everyone made it a gorgeous celebration for our little one.
Worst moment this week: How can anything be bad at this point?
Miss anything: 
Sleeping on my stomach or even laying on my stomach period!! And deli meat. And a cocktail.
Baby is still very calm in there. Get little bits of rock and roll, but it’s mostly pretty gentle.
Cravings: Nothing exactly my ground meat. haha
Queasy or sick: 
Labor Signs: 
None yet.
 Nothing! I mean, besides the baby moving and me being hungry…
Wedding rings on or off: On. Still.
Looking forward to: 
Everything. Now that we have so many beautiful gifts I want to get the nursery ready more than ever. After the first of the year we can focus on that.

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