3 Months and Pool Fun

IMG_4894Honestly, where has the time gone? My baby boy is 3 months old…that’s 13 weeks!!! AH! He’s getting bigger and bigger everyday and outgrowing clothes like it’s his job! We don’t have another checkup until he’s 4 months so there’s no exact weight. Brandon is still in Size 1 diapers even though he is well over the “poundage” range they give. We almost get a full nights sleep and he’s eating like a champ.

This weekend was our first trip into the pool! We bundled him up in his swim trunks (which I was hoping he didn’t outgrow yet), rash guard and sun hat. Our Pediatrician said we could put sunblock on him but be sure it was free of all the parabens, etc. We cover him up as best we can so it’s less sunscreen we have to use. He didn’t necessarily LOVE the water, but he didn’t hate it either, he was pretty content. Just a bigger, colder bath.

IMG_4852 DSC_0012 DSC_0007 IMG_4880 IMG_4885Such a sweet little man. He had so much fun on Saturday that he begged and begged to go back in on Sunday.

Saturday night Kevin and I wanted to go out to dinner but couldn’t find a babysitting so Brandon came along. I tried to wear him in the Bjorn but he’s getting MUCH too alert now and just wants to look around as much as possible so after a brief nap, we ended up just holding him on our laps. He was SUCH a good little man and stayed up past his bedtime. We got home, gave him a bath and he slept from 8pm-8am with one little wake-up to eat.

IMG_4845Happy Little Guy!

And just a quick shout out to our good friends Agnes and Kyle who welcomed twins today! Congratulations and we cannot wait to meet them!!

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