30th Birthday Shenanigans

Saturday was the end of my young years and the beginning of having to be a grownup. YUCK! 5:56am my life, as I knew it, was over. Ok, just kidding, I’m totally not that dramatic. Turning the big 3-0 was no big deal for me since I still look like I’m about 18. Moving on!

As my Dad says, my week long birthday celebration started on Friday with my brother and parents coming into town. We had reservations at a very nice French restaurant downtown.

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Saturday, Kevin woke up early and made pancakes for everyone and a special ’30’ pancake for me that was the size of my head!

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We had a lovely spread of bacon, pancakes, banana and the most delicious clementines that my Mom spent the weekend peeling for everyone. The rest of the party arrived around 11:30 and off we went to our lunch reservation…it was interesting to say the least.


The Venezuelan restaurant down the road from our condo had a “Special Event” which we decided would be a fun time. The chef was on Rewrapped on the Food Network and the event was a viewing party to watch the episode and have some lunch. Food was great, but the experience was less than appealing.We made the best of the afternoon then back to our place for cake – oh yeah, Kevin forgot to pick up the cake!!

01b82c071d1719c067fc306111585c43880c940eecThanks to my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law who went to pick that up while we paid the bill and went back home. It was the most delicious Vanilla cake ever. It was a super chaotic time with some stress but overall we tried to make the best out of it and I’m so glad our family and friends from all over were able to help celebrate my milestone!! Now I count backward, right?

*side note, if you’ve noticed, Kevin and My Christmas present arrived a few days ago. A new Nikon D3200 camera so we can take GOOD pictures for once. We wanted to get a nice camera to prep for an active baby who should be making an arrival in only 3 short months!! When can I start to freak out?

Anywho, busy weekends coming up between out of state Christmas, other Christmas Parties and other shenanigans. We’re glad to be able to rest today with our feet up and looking forward to a busy week ahead!

Grandma and Grandpa loved spoiling Zoe and she is glad everyone is gone now. She’s been knocked out for hours! <3

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  1. Mom

    I never get tired of responding…and I hope you never get tired of reading!! It was a terrific weekend, as always, and I can’t believe my baby has now turned 30!! I can remember when I turned 30…and I didn’t have any kids yet either! But once they arrived, I would never ever go back. They are the best things that ever happened to me/us! So, enjoy the milestone and the upcoming birth…there is nothing like it!! I true miracle!


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