The answer to “where do I put this”, “how can I hide this”, “why are there toys all over the floor?” – is Baskets. They can literally go in every inch, every room of your house yet all take on a completely different function! The key is to use baskets to hide crap and keep things tidy but without looking like a basket factory. Keep it toned down by using a few baskets for a specific purpose and decoration instead of just a hold-all.

I love baskets, they’re all over our house and most of them are empty, just waiting for something to fall in them. Kevin always points out the fact I spend money on baskets that are just sitting around. Yes, this is a fact. However, once we have a decent house ( hopefully sooner rather than later ) I will have places for all my gorgeous baskets and places to decorate.

Everytime a basket is on sale, I’m all “must. have. that. now.” So, I rounded up some different ones and helped share some ways to use them for function!

baskets Stackable Baskets / Small Wire / Three Piece / Round Handled / Tiered / Metal Lined / Tall / 3-Piece Round / Raffia / Canvas

Are you not drooling? I mean, come ON! I am so obsessed with these baskets someone needs to take my credit card away. STAT!

I’m all about keeping Brandon’s toys, duplo legos, shoes and anything that needs to be grabbed quickly in baskets. With the open top it’s easy to throw something in, take something out – all one handed because we most likely have a 30lb child in the other! Tall baskets are great for toys, large toys, stuffed animals and plush building blocks. where smaller ones are better for on a shelf or in a changing table cabinet to hold diapers, shoes and socks.

The laundry room and linen closet are two places we don’t always think to use a container of some sort for storage. I would go for something that fits easily side by side like a rectangle or square as well as something that is lined so you can take the liner out and wash it!

Bathrooms! Where do you keep all the bath toys? Extra towels and toilet paper? I LOVE the tiered basket to hold wash cloths, face washes & moisturizers and makeup brushes! The raffia basket would be a cute addition to the bathroom to use as a trash.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to the kitchen and living room. Larger baskets can hold throws and extra pillows for the couch and round flat baskets can act as trays on a coffee table or on a counter or kitchen table to hold spices, silverware and condiments. Instead of moving a hundred little things to clean the counter you only have to move one!

I had a little too much fun today looking for basket storage ideas and inspiration, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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