Corn Dog minus the Corn Dog

I didn’t know what else to calls these little nuggets but it’s a spin off of a corn dog, pig in a blanket and sausage & peppers. They look pretty ridiculous and are a little messy, but a change of pace and pretty stinkin’ yummy! Not to mention, they are EASY!


The recipe is super simple. Cut the tops off of Wax or Poblano Peppers ( any long and skinny pepper will work ) and remove all seeds. Drizzle Olive Oil on peppers and Sausage ( italian or chicken sausage is fine ). Slice some Onions and throw everything on the grill with medium heat. Stuff the pepper with sausage and onion, maybe top with some Spicy Mustard and enjoy!

DSC_0036I love this meal because it’s quick, it’s loaded with protein and veggies and the cleanup is minimal since it’s all done on the grill. It doesn’t even require Sunday Meal Prep!! BONUS!

Happy Hump Day Friends!

Any recipes you want to see? Any tips or tricks you want me to share? Have an ingredient but you just don’t know what to do with it, or you’re getting bored of the “same old”? Leave me a comment.

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