December 24th!!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Here’s a peak at our Christmas cards from 2014! <3  Being pregnant for the holidays does have its perks.

IMG_3531We wait for these two days ALL year and I feel like it’s over in the blink of an eye! I’m going to really try and step back this year and enjoy every second of the last big Holiday with just Kevin and I. From here on out, it’ll prove to be a chaotic mess with presents and toys and I can’t wait!

My brother is on his way into town from Boston and my parents will arrive later today in time for dinner. We’re going real simple tonight with a Sprial Ham with famous Ham Sauce, Homemade MacnCheese and shredded Brussels Sprouts! Easy peasy on this Eve.

As promised, here is a peak at some of the pictures Kevin and I took (ok really, Kevin just took them of me), but hopefully we can get someone to take pictures of the two of us this weekend.


IMG_3775IMG_3773From Clark’s house, to our house to your house, have a Very. Merry. Christmas.  

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