Easter Basket Goodies

Spring has Sprung which brings us right into Easter and Mother’s Day and all things happy, cheery and bright! Not to mention these dreary April Showers better bring us loads and loads of May Flowers with Tulips galore and Kevin and my 4th Anniversary! <3

I’ll be posting our menu and table scape as we get closer to the festivities but today I want to share some Easter Basket treats for your Hunny-Bunny! If you’re guy is anything like mine, they really aren’t into the whole Egg Hunt/Easter Basket/Treat thing…but he does enjoy the ‘Dyeing’ Egg tradition! Who doesn’t? Here are some goodies I know my guy is sure to love! Don’t worry, he’s not allowed to read this post until after Easter.

1) Draft Beer Jelly Beans. Need I say more?

2) Beer. You can NEVER go wrong with beer. I haven’t decided what I will surprise him with yet.

3) Crew Shampoo. It’s a little pricey, but the guy loves it, and he has three half used Conditioners since we all know one runs out before the other.

4) Tickets to something. This will be his most exciting gift I think…tickets to [shocking] a Beer Festival that he has been wanting to go to. Guess I’m DD for the day. <3

5) Yea, this is really happening. I got a couple small Slim Jim‘s to add to his basket. Saw them while I was checking out at the Pet Store and figured it would be a nice addition.

6) Utterly Smooth is a great, unscented hand lotion for guys! The one from his stocking is empty so I’ll give him a new one in his Easter Basket.

That sums up my man’s Easter Basket…which isn’t going to be a basket but I haven’t decided yet what it’s going to be. Something simple and inexpensive. We’ll see. Maybe an empty six pack box with Easter grass?!? YAY!

What’s in your guy’s Easter Basket?

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