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Friday ( Clothing ) Favorites

Transition clothes are so important for that “in-between” time between seasons when it’s not super hot but not super cold and vice versa. Here are some items I plan to add to my wardrobe this year as well as some staples I think every woman should have!

vestFloral / Hooded Down / Hybrid

Vests / is this even a surprise? I love vests, I own far too many of them and I always want more. Not all vests are created equal, they need pockets, a fold-down collar and preferably a zipper vs snaps or buttons. Hood is optional, it’s never a bad option.

bootsFlat / Low Heel / Black

Riding Boots / I feel like last year I barely wore my boots, maybe because I was always carrying a baby and/or carseat and that wasn’t the best option? Maybe I didn’t feel it was cold enough out? Not really sure, but I love my boots and I think it’s a good investment.

scarfInfinity / Crinkle / Plaid

Scarves / yes, that is scarves plural, you NEED more than one…maybe more like 12. A couple infinity scarves ( wool and cotton), light weight ( black and beige), and maybe a couple unique ones whether it be a fun design or one you can triple wrap. Black and tan/beige are the colors I choose in a scarf because it can be so versatile with any outfit.

Leggings / no brainer, but please wear a chunky sweater or long T to cover the bum because we ALL don’t need to know what color underwear you’re wearing. On my “must-buy” list are the Zella Live-In Leggings which come in the crop and full legging.

Chunky Sweater / finding the right sweater is sometimes difficult I feel. You want it oversized but not frumpy, fitted in certain spots but loose in others, long sleeves but not so much that you look like a child in mommy’s clothes.

jeansJeans / grab a skinny ( or SKIN tight )and a boot cut, all you’ll need for date night and pumpkin picking. I’m also really into black denim lately! You know I love Denim & Supply, and most of these jeans are on sale right now.

Shoes / I am DROOLING over these moccs from Lucky Brand….I need to come into some money, and come into it quick! Toms are my favorite shoe for any season, I wear them to work everyday! Lastly, I’m in need of some fall booties – the last ones didn’t work out so well so those got shipped back. These maybe?

Let me know your favorite fall styles or a new brand I need to check out. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas!

Brandon’s Summer Wardrobe

I’ll be the first one to admit that buying clothes at full price for Brandon is not something I do. He grows out of things as quickly as he grows in them so I am open arms to hand-me-downs. However, I do like to splurge on a handful of things each season. Here’s a peak at some goodies I have grabbed for Brandon, as well as some picks for the little girl in your life – Mama too! Scroll down for a special discount code, good through the end of August.

BrandonSummerLittleFacesApparel / Mocassins

GirlSummer LittleFacesApparel / Mocassins

The clothes are SO cute, well made and nice breathable material for Spring and Summer when the temps are high and the sun is shining. Take a peak over at their collection and if you see something you like, use code “setme25” for 10% off any order from now through August.