10-Minute Olive Oyl Costume

Here’s a character I have been wanting to be for years and years! I am finally sucking up my dislike for all things Halloween and doing it…and it’s beyond simple.

What you probably have: black skirt (H&M $6), red shirt (Kohl’s $7), brown boots (Uggs will work)
What you will need to get: white and yellow electrical tape, white felt (Michael’s $0.39), glue gun

Step 1. I put the skirt on and wrapped myself in two layers of yellow electrical tape. It stretches so don’t worry about it being too tight.

Step 2. Lay shirt flat and wrap tape around each sleeve of the shirt – can use short sleeve too!

Step 3. Put felt under shirt neckline and trace with a pen the outline of the shirt. Then place felt on top of the shirt and begin making the scoops to your preference ( large, small, close together or far apart ). I used a drinking glass and made the middle scallop first and then went out from that point.

Step 4.  Cut out your neck piece.

Step 5. Glue neck piece to shirt and allow to dry!

And there you have the easiest Olive Oyl costume EVER!!!! I wrapped my hair in a low bun and let it fall out a little to kind of ‘stick’ out of my head.


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One thought on “10-Minute Olive Oyl Costume

  1. Mom

    So clever and creative! See, that’s how we used to dress you kids for Halloween…..out of our closets!! Very cute! xoxo


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