12 Months

11 montAge: 12 Months

Stats: Height 30″ (56%), Weight 22-14.5lb (74%), Dome 46cm (47%) <— I would honestly hate to see a baby with a head any larger!

Clothes/Size: Brandon was STILL kind of in some 9 month clothes but I just switched 9 month out and 12, 12-18 month IN! We have plenty of clothes in this size so gotta make sure we wear them all.

Favorite Foods: Still loving anything with color! Especially blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado and eggs. We have OFFICIALLY ordered from a menu at a restaurant twice (ravioli for dinner, eggs and toast for breakfast).

Diaper size: Size 3

How much am I eating: Lots. Child is a garbage disposal and I hope that never changes. It does get frustrating when Kevin and I are having a snack or eating breakfast later than Brandon and he’s whining because he wants some too. He has three complete meals and usually an afternoon snack. Since his 12 month appointment we have ditched the bottle before his nap and trying to wean off the bottle before bed. So far not so good. haha

Words: Officially saying “dada” but that refer to just about anything from diapers to vacuum. He understands words and tries to say them, his favorite is “bough” (birds).

Activities: Climbing the stairs, opening and closing drawers/cabinets, placing things in and out of baskets and buckets, cruising along the couch or anything that helps him stand. Listening to music and dancing. Chasing Zoe and pulling her tail so she scratches him.

Sleep: Still totally inconsistent. I was hoping by a year things would be pretty much on track but that’s not the case. He’s still having (what we and the doctor) think are night terrors and they are a b**** to deal with. Besides that, he usually wakes up one more time in the night and needs his pacifier – even if it’s 5 inches from his face. C’mon bud, work with us here!

Favorite Things: Books. Music. Anything that’s plugged into the wall and his monitor. He LOVES playing outside and going to the beach when he’s at daycare.

Signature Moves: Dancing and shaking his head back and forth. He loves giving kisses and waving goodbye too.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: What aren’t I proud of? I’m proud that he never had belly issues and has taken to food/breastmilk/whole milk SO easily (not that it was something we could control). I’m proud how well Kevin and I have fallen into this role and most things have come naturally. I’m proud that Brandon is easy to put down for naps and at bedtime and has a HUGE appetite. He loves to learn, play and he catches onto things SO quickly – my little sponge. He has no problem being left with family and is just so easy going.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Daddy is proud of all the little baby steps Brandon has been making around the house. He’s about ready to let go ANY ANY second now.

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