Valentine’s Gifts for the Little Mr.

Valentine’s Day….a day of love, a day of chocolate, flowers and fancy dinners. Or if you have littles, it’s a day like any other. I’m getting into the spirit this year and putting together a little goody box of festive items for Brandon that he can use now and throughout the year – because, who wants to spend money on something for one day?


Valentine’s / Book / Pajamas / Tee / Outfit / Socks / Chucks / Cat / Bib / Teether / Little Miss / Cookie Cutter

I’ve been having so much fun finding things for Valentine’s Day, Brandon’s 1st Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter since everything falls within 6 weeks of each other this year. I found these “Night Before” books on Amazon and grabbed a few for the upcoming holidays, we’ve been reading this one for a few days now and it is a really cute find! Then I stumbled on the Little Miss (and Little Mr) books from when I was a kid and had to scoop those up because they are JUST the cutest.

It seems like this boy grows out of pajamas faster than any other article of clothing and right behind PJs are socks! Brandon is in socks more than shoes so new ones are always a must. I’m not going to spend the money on an outfit that’s only going to work for one day, but the super cute Candy Heart Tee, Heart Breaker outfit and red Chuck’s I just couldn’t pass up!

Toys . Toys. Toys, One can never be enough! Brandon is not entirely into stuffed animals yet but that teether he will probably be obsessed with for days (and days). Don’t forget to write out your Valentine’s and seal them with a kiss, or attach some heart-shaped cookies or muffins. Yes please, and thank you.

The bib needs its own paragraph. Come ON! This will be Valentine’s or Birthday gift because it is hands down the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I hope your day is full of love, fun and most importantly goodies to share with the ones you hold close.

One thought on “Valentine’s Gifts for the Little Mr.

  1. Mom

    Our little Mr. Brandon’s very First Valentine’s Day!! What cute ideas you have pictured…if he only knew all the work you guys put into his life…someday he will! Great parents and a great little man…we love him!! xoxo


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