15 Months

IMG_8436Age: 15 Months

Stats: Height 32.5″ (90%), Weight 25lb 6.5oz (84%), Dome 47cm (55%) – I’m going to leave his 12 month stats below for comparison – kid had a HUGE growth spurt a couple weeks ago when he literally ate for 3 days straight and was miserable. Clearly…this is why!

Height 30″ (56%), Weight 22-14.5lb (74%), Dome 46cm (47%) <— I would honestly hate to see a baby with a head any larger!

Clothes/Size: Pretty much 12-18 month clothing and some 2T that has shrunk after washing. PJs though – at LEAST 3T because those babies shrink so much! I always buy them second hand to ensure they are pre-shrunk.

Favorite Foods: He has gotten a LITTLE pickier over the last couple months and I think maybe it’s because his taste is developing more. The bland, no flavor, no spice option is NOT an option anymore. He’s not a huge fan of meat – which is funny because when I was pregnant, ALL I wanted to eat was ground beef in any form. He isn’t huge on green beans, potatoes or pasta. He LOVES fruit and anything he can dip ketchup in – sometimes you gotta pull out the big guns.

Diaper size: Size 4 – which seem a little big and saggy still

How much am I eating: Still eating a ton. He has no off switch! He’s slowly being able to tell us he doesn’t want anymore which is nice….but that’s not very often. He eats 3 main meals with two snacks in between and sometimes a treat after dinner.

Words: “dada”, “mama”, “hi”, “hi dada”, “da” (dog), “uhbuhbuh” (umbrella), “owl”, “buhbuh” (bubbles) – yeah, the kid doesn’t want to start with easy words.

Activities: Climbing onto the couch and then walking all over it. Peeing on the floor. Playing outside (mostly just going to our neighbors house because they give him food), playing in the bathroom with all the hair and shaving products.

Sleep: Still totally inconsistent and it’s driving us slightly NUTS! Wakes up an hour after going to bed and sometimes takes a good 5-10 minutes to calm down…and sometimes waking AGAIN an hour later. The next night he’ll sleep 10 hours straight. No rhyme or reason. The Doctor said there’s nothing we are doing wrong and we just have to wait it out. It’s SOOOOO frustrating.

Favorite Things: Books. Music. Monitor. Remote Control. Phone. Bubbles or any small bottle or lotion tube. Not a fan of stuffed animals or anything like that. Loves his water table and playing in the sand.

Signature Moves: Giving kisses, hugs and cuddles, waving “hi” and bye-bye. Pulling every wipe out of the container when he’s supposed to be napping. Giving high-fives and putting his head on any animal we see when we say “soft?”.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: This is most definitely the most fun age. He cracks me up far more than he drives me nuts. He naps great and goes to bed easily. He has started talking a lot more and words are finally starting to emerge. In social situations he is usually so good and goes with the flow, he doesn’t really get shy (yet) and just walks around doing his thing. He’s got such a little personality.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Brandon is getting so smart and remembering things. He may not be able to say the words yet but he knows everything we are saying to him. He is really getting good remembering faces and names which is the sweetest thing.

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