18 Weeks


How far along: 18 weeks. No makeup today, sorry for the lack of caring!
Baby is the size of: A sweet potato – seriously!
  Surprise until March
Weight gain: I’m thinking just shy of 10lb. I weighed myself at home and almost fell off the scale! Go to doctor next week and we will know for sure.
Maternity clothes:
Yes. Loving the jeans for sure. I’m basically wearing all of my normal tops/coats/vests.
Stretch marks:
Nothing yet. I know the jury is still out about stretch marks, what helps, if they’re genetic, if some women are just unlucky and some aren’t. But I am going to go ahead and really give props to Lush Therapy Bar. It makes your skin feel like SILK! My friend bought it for me and I love it.
Belly button in or out:
  Still in. Navel ring is still in too, is that not more trashy than not?
Sleep: Can’t complain. Kevin and I spent the weekend in NY at my Parent’s and I slept amazing with my Snoogle.
Best moment this week:
Really embracing being pregnant this week since I popped a lot. Trying to enjoy the ride, even if I can’t plop on my stomach like I used to. Also, finding a place to store our crap that won’t cost us! Super happy.
Worst moment this week: can’t say there have been any “worsts”. Just trying to always look on the positive.
Miss anything:
Missing coldcuts – mostly turkey and rare roast beef more than anything. A cocktail, oysters and tuna fish are all VERY close seconds.
Still feeling kicks here and there, nothing consistent. I can watch my belly being jabbed though. So strange.
Cravings: Not really..just thing I can’t have. Although, ground beef of any kind is top on the list.
Queasy or sick:
No ma’am! I made it through the flu shot without getting sick, lets hope we make it through Winter in one piece.
Labor Signs:
Natural tightening of the uterus, but no labor.
Headaches and currently dealing with pain on my left side. Killing me here.
Wedding rings on or off: On
Looking forward to:
Still trying to get Kevin to FEEL the baby move. He misses it every time.

Just a quick little update for everyone. Used Items. Used baby toys, used baby clothes, used baby accessories, used maternity clothes. Moms-to-be each have their own opinions on used items. Personally, the more items I can find in good shape, used, and inexpensive….I am scooping it up! Mom and I went to a yard sale today that advertised baby items, kids items and maternity clothing. I figured even if we could find a few things I would be happy. We hit the mother LOAD!

IMG_3381Fill a bag of clothes for $5? We were all over that. I got SO many items it doesn’t even seem appropriate! Aside from the clothing, we also scored a Fisher Price 3-in-1 Mobile Activity Gym for $10. The remaining $15 was spend on baby clothes, blankets and maternity clothing.

IMG_3382 IMG_3385I got 3 pairs of jeans, 4 jackets/sweaters/parka, 4 button down/dress shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts and a tank top. All by Old Navy, Gap, Motherhood, Vera Wang, Loft, etc. For baby items: 2 jeans (1 Kenneth Cole!), 5 hats (one will be for when my brother babysits!), 1 fleece jacket, 1 toddler skull vest, 4 blankets and a Balboa Baby Sling. It was the best purchase ever. I kept throwing maternity clothes in a bag to get my moneys worth hoping maybe 2-3 things would fit and every single thing ended up fitting perfect and I LOVE it all. I’m even debating returning one of the jeans I originally bought back to Motherhood. Just wanted to share my score and totally willing to spend money on used items because they are really SO lightly worn it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money.

IMG_3377Modeling one of my outfits. I’m now excited to get dressed for work!

Sunday night, we don’t get Columbus Day off so it’s early to bed and early to rise for a full week. Hope everyone is enjoying my updates, they’re here to share to all our family, friends and anyone else who is interested. This has been a crazy journey so far and only proves to get crazier!

Happy work week friends!


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  1. Mom

    I NEVER get tired of reading your Living Laroche Life !! I’m SO glad you had a good weekend here with us, and I did too !!! You did hit the Mother Load today, and if we stayed longer, we probably would have purchased more stuff…lol !! In any event, it is always great having you and Kevin here with us, and having ZOE was an extra special treat !! Have a GREAT week and we will see you next weekend for your appointment!! xoxo


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