19 Weeks


How far along: 19 weeks
Baby is the size of: A Zesty Zucchini
  Surprise until March – which I’m learning is not the popular choice! What’s the point of finding out? It’s more exciting not to know!
Weight gain: My next appointment is Monday and we’ll know for sure – I think around 10lb
Maternity clothes:
Yes – but I invested in the Bellaband and am LOVING it with my old jeans.
Stretch marks:
Still nothing.
Belly button in or out:
  Very in. And so is my navel ring – although getting tighter.
Sleep: It’s off and on – one night I sleep great and the next I sleep like crap.
Best moment this week:
Much more movement all around! Getting more excited.
Worst moment this week: Nothing really. Just really want to get the nursery started but we can’t until we move stuff OUT of there.
Miss anything:
Rare Roast Beef
Yes and having more and more…Kevin will be able to feel soon I’m sure.
Cravings: Just craving all the food I’m not allowed to eat. Still ground beef in ANY form.
Queasy or sick:
Nope, feeling good.
Labor Signs:
Just tightening in my uterus.
Haven’t really had much.
Wedding rings on or off: Rings are still on with room to spare.
Looking forward to:
Our big and last ultrasound is Monday and my parents get to see the baby for the first time! Also looking forward to Kevin feeling the baby move which should be soon, if we can get the timing down.

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