2 Year Update

Age: 2 Years

Stats: Height 36″ (92%), Weight 30lb 6.0oz (80%).

Clothes/Size: Pretty much 24 months or 2T. Pajamas I always say a size or two bigger because they shrink and are SO tight to begin with and shoes he’s into an 8.

Favorite Foods: Favorites would be fruit of any kind, macaroni salad, anything he can dip in ketchup, anything pickled or with salad dressing on it, goldfish, cookies, cheese & crackers, yogurt….and anything else we give him. He’s still a really good eater and has the same thing at meals as we do. Once in a while he’ll have a bad night but bribery works everytime.

Diaper size: Praise the Potty Gods…we are potty trained. It was no easy feat, but I think we have officially made it. We started in November during Thanksgiving weekend when we would be home for an extended period of time. Brandon was showing a lot of interest in the potty so we decided to give it a go ( we also changed his crib into a toddler bed at the same time) – he was about 20 months old at the time. He had his ups and downs and accidents at Daycare…but we never turned back and we have a potty trained 2 year old! I’ll share more on that later.

How much am I eating: Not a relevant question anymore! He’s not the garbage disposal he once was; however, he still loves to eat!

Words: Brandon says new things everyday and it’s so awesome. He can communicate with us and let us know what he wants. He can decide what to drink and what toy he wants. I love that he can talk ( except when it’s “wus dat mama?” about 385 times a minute.

Activities: Helping do any and everything. He is still very much independent and wants to throw things away, climb in his chair, brush his own teeth and wash his own hands. He wants less and less help doing things which is nice and terrible at the same time because if we try to help it’s a disaster. He loves playing in the sink full of water, taking showers with us and watching Wheels on the Bus ALL DAY LONG!

Sleep: This kid has been sick since January so sleep has been all over the place. When he’s feeling good, he sleeps a solid 8pm-6am or thereabouts. We have been putting him to bed a little later recently because his mornings were starting earlier and earlier by climbing into out bed at 530….which was NOT happening. So he goes to bed anywhere between 8-9pm and wakes up closer to 7am.

Favorite Things: Nursery Rhymes on YouTube, any remote control, bottles of medicine, his thermometer ( see a trend here? )…anything he shouldn’t have, he has. He still loves to just carry around one specific item and as of lately it’s his thermometer. He loves buses and matchbox cars.

Signature Moves: Running around naked….he goes to his door and tells us “buh bye”, whipping his head back and forth, sliding down the stairs on his butt and falling on the floor when someone walks in the door as his defense mechanism.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: Just everything. He is an extremely smart little man, picks up things the first time he sees it done, using his words to express what he wants or doesn’t want. I am beyond proud of Kevin and I for sticking with potty training and not giving up. It’s harder on the parents than on the kid for sure. One day he would pee no problem and the next he would have 8 accidents in an hour. A few months of accidents is worth a potty trained 2-year old.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Dad is also proud of the potty training as difficult as it was in the beginning we made a decision to go for it and we never turned back. The accidents were minor in the long run.

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