20 Weeks

IMG_3463How far along: 20 weeks
Baby is the size of: An Endive or Mango – which I thought is like 5-6″ but my app says 10 inches.
  Surprise until March…but we are kind of leaning more one direction lately.
Weight gain: 10 pounds man! I hope I can stay at this pace.
Maternity clothes:
Loving them. Mostly just pants – I can still wear my tanks, sweaters and jackets – even if they don’t button or zip anymore.
Stretch marks:
Nope. I’m doing well!
Belly button in or out:
  Still in.
Sleep: I’ve come to the conclusion if I sleep next to my Snoogle, I sleep like crap…but if I actually sleep WITH my Snoogle, I sleep like a baby.
Best moment this week:
Two Ultrasounds! Seeing those cute little fingers and toes and the little nose. AH so cute.
Worst moment this week: Two Ultrasounds. haha Just hoping everything keep developing properly!
Miss anything:
Sleeping on my stomach.
It’s getting stronger and more frequent everyday. I feel maybe 4-6 moves every hour! The tech asked if I get any sleep at night because the baby was moving constantly…but I don’t feel a thing at night.
Cravings: Still that ground beef…in any form.
Queasy or sick:
Nope!! This is definitely the most exciting part of pregnancy I think..and most enjoyable.
Labor Signs:
No labor signs, just cramping/tightening.
Nothing crazy. Starting to get SOME heartburn, but only if I eat something hot.
Wedding rings on or off: Rings are still on. I think the only weight gain has been in the belly. Here’s hoping it stays that way – the brownies I made last night are not helping with that.
Looking forward to:
My Shower in November and next Ultrasound in December.

IMG_3467I figure it’s only appropriate to do a little “before” and “after” which isn’t really the case. Here is a picture the morning I took the test which was at 4 weeks and me now at 20 weeks! This is definitely nuts to look at…I forgot what that body was like. I already look like a Mama.

We had a couple Ultrasounds this week. The big one on Monday which my parents were able to come to and see the little nugget. They check the anatomy completely from the top of the head to the bottom of its feet and make sure everything is there and looking normal. We then had to have a follow-up on Friday to make sure some things were looking OK. We have our next one in 2 months to make sure things are progressing fine. It’s been fun getting to see this little creature more often. It’s difficult to get a good picture of the whole body…and the techs are still slacking on that, but here’s our little pumpkin. It’s nose and lips are the cutest little things ever.

Ultra20wSo it’s been a week of up and down emotions but I couldn’t have done without the man who got me into this mess by my side. He’s definitely the voice of reason and calming my nerves and telling me everything is going well. To top it off, after his long day of work and couple hours of side work, he was determined to take me to dinner and came with a “halfway there” gift. It’s his version of (which is kind of dumb) a push gift – for pushing the gigantic creature out of my body. He’s the absolute best guy ever and when he’s in cahoots with my Mom…it can only lead to good things. I got a beautiful necklace in the birthstone of our soon-to-be. <3

These next 20 weeks can’t go fast enough!!

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  1. Mah

    You look fantastic!

    You know what that “heartburn” means don’t you? Supposedly, lots of hair. I had a lot of heartburn when I was pregnant – Jen & Sara both had a headful, but Kevin was born with just peachfuzz.


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