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Shrimp Lettuce Cups

Last night, we were supposed to have soup for dinner but both decided we needed something a little more substantial. Shrimp is such a quick, easy and delicious go-to meal for us. Here was our dinner.

imageSweet and Spicy Lettuce Cups

*Canned or Frozen Corn

*Shrimp – peeled



*Bibb or Boston Lettuce

*Mayo and Sriracha

*ANY seasoning you prefer (Old Bay, Cajun, Seafood, Cayenne)

Toast up the corn in a frying pan with a little Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Add shrimp and cook 2-3 minutes per side, add seasoning and lime juice. Mix Mayo and Sriracha in a separate dish. Put shrimp and corn in a lettuce leaf, top with sliced avocado and “fancy sauce”.


Another Cooking Class

It seems that my posts are becoming strictly menus and meal planning – I’m ok with that! This week was another busy one between work, yoga, Kevin being sick on his Birthday and trying to plan things around all of that. Here’s a look at what went down!

IMG_2070Tuesday I was feeling energized and thought making Shrimp Stir Fry and baking Chocolate Chip Cookies was a good idea. I was right! I mean, what’s better than a healthy stir fry with Miracle Noodles followed up with ooey gooey chocolaty goodness???

IMG_2051I was a bottomless pit this week! I do not bake. I do not enjoy baking. I am horrible at baking. But for some reason I decided I HAD to make these. Gosh, did they turn out fabulous!

Wednesday was another easy meal – one pot meals are ALWAYS the best. And even better when they’re good for you. It was Turkey Kielbasa and Peppers – minus the bun.

IMG_2065It looked so pretty I couldn’t pass up the photo-op. Topped with yummy vinegary sauerkraut and spicy mustard this was a win win double WIN!

Thursday was hubby’s 29th birthday and he was sicker than sick. Poor thing didn’t want to do anything! He had requested Eggs Benedict earlier in the week so that’s what I prepared for Breakfast before heading off to work. I am happy with my poached eggs and homemade Hollandaise.

IMG_2058I was late for work…but who cares?

Yesterday, we celebrated Kevin’s birthday by going to a brew pub which is a pretty good hike to the northern part of the state. We spent 4 hours eating, drinking and mingling. It was an awesome day with some PHENOMinal beers! 🙂  And today he is polishing up his kegs so he can start brewing again. Look at my little hardworking man (sick, in a t-shirt, with snow on the ground)!

IMG_2095 IMG_2081While I was inside COOKING COOKING, finishing the laundry, COOKING and lint-rollering the couch which is covered in kitten hair. argh. On the menu today, Homemade Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese!!! I know, your mouth is watering.


And it’s the start to another fun busy week here for the Laroche’s. Kevin heads up north to Canada for his annual Snowboard trip and I head home to NY with my favorite furry friend in tow. Here’s our meal plan for the week – assuming we don’t run out of days to eat it all!

IMG_2079Monday – Quinoa Burgers with Macaroni Salad

Tuesday – Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Tacos

Wednesday – Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Home bound.

Today I used the Sausage and Escarole to make a Minestra Soup along with my Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheeses. <3 I also splurged on Blood Oranges to juice for some VERY tasty cocktails, gotta get them while they’re in season!

That’s what’s happening in our world, just more eating! Have a good recipe for me to try? Let me know!! Happy Eating.

Snow DAY!

Snow Day. Shmoday. BAKING DAY!

Here in the Northeast we just keep getting slammed by snow storm after snow storm, but being home from work I can’t complain! This time, we weren’t huge bumps on a log, we actually got a lot done. And by a lot done, I mean I cooked while Kevin shoveled and played with his beer rig goodies! Here’s what we had cookin’ up today!

Doesn’t it always happen that you wake up SUPER early on days we don’t have to? I had no work, Zoe woke me up at 5:30am by standing on me and talking to me and I couldn’t fall back asleep – so out of bed at 6:30am. YAWN. I guess that gave me plenty of time to prep a nice breakfast for Kevin. I don’t have a name for it besides delicious.

IMG_2004I cook some Beans (black beans today) with Rotel, cook off some of the liquid and add my eggs. I cover the pan so the eggs cook most of the way through. Top it off with some cheese, sour cream, avocado and a side of sausage. Drool.

As promised, the Grilled Veggie Sammies! We had these last night (finally) and the leftover for lunch today.

IMG_2003Grilled Portobello / Grilled Zucchini / Grilled Red Onion + Goat Cheese and Sweet Red Pepper Spread

This recipe could not be easier or better for you. And ladies, there’s hardly any cleanup! Grilled portobello’s are quickly becoming SUCH an obsessed for Kevin and I. They are just so delicious.

After a quick run to the grocery store in the blizzard, I got all the goodies to bake some treats.

I started with some mini (teeny tiny) Coffee Cake Donuts, French Toast Rollups and finished the day with some Pretzel, Hershey Kiss and M&M treats.

IMG_2005I clearly had to reward myself with a mini iced coffee to have with my COFFEE cake donuts, DUH! Unfortunately, the rollups literally burned to the foil and I could have cried. They look cute from the top though.

To literally top off the day, we had Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa and Broccoli. Talk about the most bomb, healthy meal ever. Sorry, I didn’t snap pics of that one. 🙂

Happy Snow Day Thursday! IMG_1994

February Eating!

I’ll kick off February with this weeks grocery shopping and the Meal Plan. I feel like this week I over-bought which will lead to a refrigerator FULL of food (and hoping it doesn’t get thrown out). Kevin is going up to Vermont Thursday with my Dad for a guy’s weekend and Alumni Snowboard Event…so I’ll just hang out and eat myself to death basically.

I have too many meals planned this week so not everything will get made –  some may turn into lunches and some will made next week. But here’s a look at our healthful meals for the week.

meal planMonday’s we have been SO good at trying to keep it meatless; however, so that certain things don’t go bad later in the week, I think we will postpone the meatless meal until Tuesday or Wednesday!

Monday – We’re thinking Steak Fajitas! We had some steak last week and they were SO large we saved the leftovers and plan to make a new meal from them. If we have enough after having Steak and Eggs for Breakfast. YUM!

Tuesday – Grilled Portobella & Veggie Sandwiches with Goat Cheese and Sweet Pepper Spread. Oh Em Gee. We made these a couple weeks ago – were a little iffy about them, but seriously one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! I’ll post the recipe later in the week. YUM. Cannot wait for these. Even Kevin loved them. One recipe that turned out to be a major winner, among many losers.

Wednesday – Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups. I have always been obsessed with lettuce wraps and get them almost anywhere I go.

Thursday – Curried Lamb Patties on Naan. Saw RR make these one day and it happened to be in her magazine as well and boy do they look tasty!

Phew. My belly aches just thinking about the upcoming week of indulging. We need some food detox after a fun-filled weekend of partying.

As requested by my Momma, here is a picture of the Patriot’s Mannequin at Macy’s in NYC.

IMG_1847Happy Superbowl Sunday!! May the best team win.

NYC Weekend and Shopping Haul?

This is SO much overdue and I apologize! The week has gotten away from me but I needed to share my weekend away with you.

Mom and I usually hit up NYC once a year (usually in the Winter, don’t ask me why) and do some shopping, some eating and Broadway seeing. Last year we had some hiccups with trying to get a cab on the coldest day of the year. Weather wise this year? Not much warmer. We booked two nights at our fav boutique, Hotel Mela, right in Time’s Square – there’s nothing better! Our backup is MAve, which is down in the Flatiron District. We hit up The View which is a revolving restaurant at the top of the Marriott Marquis and a late lunch at Carmine’s on Saturday. As if the weekend couldn’t get any better….we hit up two Broadway shows, Cinderella and Wicked – couldn’t tell you which one was more amazing!

IMG_1827It snowed too! But nothing stops us from shopping, shopping, shopping!

The weekend wouldn’t be complete with some a lot of shopping! Here’s a peak at some of my goodies!

IMG_1838First stop on our shopping adventure was, you guessed it, MACY’S!

IMG_1844I didn’t do too much damage since I knew there were other places more important to shop at! I got a nice INC sweater that was on major clearance – plus Mom’s discount made it cost next to nothing! I also snuck in some Under Armor panties for working out and a little something sweet for a friend of mine which cannot be released.

Next stop on the visit was a shoe store going out of business..

IMG_1839Minnetonka’s for $19? OK! They’re super cute and just the right price, I couldn’t say no.

IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1840On the way back, I hit up MAC, Sephora and American Eagle.

MAC – MAC Fix+, Eyeshadow in Shroom

American Eagle – Super Stretch Jegging, Lace Bralette, Headbands – similar here.

Sephora –  Of course I forgot my list of things I wanted so I had to go off of memory – saved me some money. HA! Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten, Urban Deday Lipstick in Naked2 I also wanted Native, but forgot. BOO!

I was pooped! We had a long day traveling, walking, shopping then it was off to dinner and to see Cinderella! Saturday had more shopping in store for us and really the MAIN store I wanted to hit up, Lululemon for some workout clothes.

IMG_1842I am beyond in love with this store! I have never been in one, I mean c’mon, the bag alone is just too cute! I got Crop‘s (really wanted the leggings but couldn’t put up the $82 for that), Tank with built in bra, a Sweatshirt on clearance, mittens and Boxers for Kevin. Both the Mittens and Hoodie were clearance so I can’t find a link! I can’t wait to save myself some more money and go back on a spree. The clothes are amazing!

IMG_1836Lush was my next stop, I really wanted to get a good clarifying/exfoliating shampoo so they sold me on BIG and the conditioner to match, American Cream. The girl also gave me a sample of R&B which is a curling cream to help de-frizz. I haven’t used it yet but will try that soon.

The shopping still hasn’t ended – did I mention Mom and I are BAD NEWS together? Yeah, it’s true. We shop till we drop and that’s no lie!

I wanted to hit up Victoria’s Secret because I had a $10 Birthday Coupon, $10 Rewards coupon and a free panty…

IMG_1845I like the Lace Bikini‘s by Pink the best, but this store didn’t carry Pink so I just got their version. I also got a Sweatshirt that was on clearance and another 50% off and an iPhone case which was 70% off!

I think that concludes our NYC trip and shopping haul! I spent a decent amount of Christmas $$ but that’s what it’s for, right?? We just love going to the city and making it a girls weekend. We had fantastic food, saw two great shows and did a lot of walking. It took me a week to catch up on my exhaustion! Next year, maybe we’ll try warmer weather. 🙂