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Easter Recap and hello May!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter whether being with family or kicking back and enjoying some relaxation! I had a little bit of both and was able to soak up those beautiful sun rays this weekend! How great is it to be able to entertain inside and out! We had two sunny days, a bit breezy, but still lovely nonetheless.

We had a houseful on Saturday and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I would cook for 50 people if it meant I didn’t have to travel for a holiday, it’s exhausting and takes the enjoyment out of it. So, thank you family for coming to visit us this Easter! Saturday was full of much eating and playing cards on the patio. We invested in a Storage Bench for our patio as our shed is overflowing plus it adds two more spots for guests to stretch out and work on their tan! We enjoyed delicious BBQ and relaxed all evening!

flowersI splurged on some fresh flowers for the weekend, they just make everything so fresh and happy. Zoe enjoyed eating all of the “greens” that came along with the sunflowers. I like to put small, simple flowers in the bathroom and larger, fuller flowers in the kitchen. I didn’t want to unpack them they looked so nice!




I orderedbunny this sweet Canvas Bunny Garland from ETSY and I am so obsessed. It’s so different. Can I leave it up all year long? I slacked a little bit so it was only up for about a week before Easter, I’ll just have to leave it up longer to get full enjoyment out of it! Aw Peter Cotton Tail.

My other super cute score from Maika Goods, these super cute Gold Dot Canvas Baskets. Great products and amazing Customer Service!


If you follow me on Instagram (@setme25) you saw Kevin’s Easter Basket a few days early.

easterbasket1I think it came out super cute and I even Origami’d an envelope for his Beer Fest Ticket. Winning fo’real

Of course Easter consisted of eating, eating and lots more eating! Who’s complaining? The Duck and all the sides came out absolutely amazing, still drooling.

PicMonkey CollageThe Seafood Crepes seriously were fab! Kevin made the crepe’s a day before and kept them covered in the fridge – that’s a huge task that can be done ahead so you can enjoy company and not be a stove-slave. We had Roast Duck, Fingerling Potatoes par-boiled and finished in the Duck Fat (yes the arteries are starting to close), Steamed Asparagus, Pan Roasted Radishes in Lemon Juice and a hint of Vinegar, with a side of lightly dressed Mixed Greens. Seriously good.

Our bellies were full and food was gone…cue for everyone to hit the road. I couldn’t be more happy to spend the weekend with our family and share our love for food with everyone else. It was a great three days and now back to reality.

This weekend we head to Boston for our annual family vaca. Typically, we go up and spend time with my Brother for his Birthday – it should prove to be another fantastic weekend of indulging.

Have a great week everyone!

Easter Meal and Daily Meals

Two more days of work and then a nice, long weekend home with the family for Easter! I am SO hoping the weather cooperates like it was last weekend and we can take advantage of our  patio!

I wanted to share some Easter Dinner ideas – our menu isn’t finalized quite yet but here’s a sneak peak!

Friday – My brother comes into town!! YAY! We’ll have a light lunch and clean up the house a little and then we decided to take him out to a local Brewery and then go around the corner for Burgers and MORE Brews afterward! I can’t wait.

Saturday – My parents arrive at some point and the Easter Shenanigans being! We will be coloring eggs, enjoying each others company and EATING! Still determining if we’ll have dinner out or stay in. But I am leaning towards staying in and OD’ing on delicious Teriyaki Chicken on the bar-b!

Sunday Funday – Easter Sunday! We will start with some Challah Bread and a Starbucks run (oh yeah)..maybe have some light snacks, nothing too filling to make room for the main show. Appetizers will be Seafood Crepes with Madeira Sauce. AH I am so excited for these. And for the drumroll…..Roasted Duck Breast! omg omg omg drool. With a couple veggie sides and potatoes of some kind. Kevin’s Mom is coming down Sunday as well and she will be bringing yummy dessert.

So much for this week of heart pounding working out, I’ll be eating it all back this weekend.

Anyway, there’s a look at this weekends eating. I will have pictures after the weekend to show all of our festivities. But I’ll leave you with a typical “day in the life” meal plan!

mealplanBottom right – morning usually kicks off with egg whites (or tofu), beans (black, kidney, chickpea), onions, mushrooms, peppers – anything we have. Topped with Avocado and Tabasco – sometimes with a side of Chicken Sausage.

Top Left – Morning snack- Cottage Cheese and Almonds. This is my go-to snack. When it’s not available, I go with Rice Cakes and Tuna, Apple and Cheese, etc.

Top Middle – Lunch differs but this day I had a large salad with ALL the trimmings, including avocado and beans as well as a leftover turkey burger. SO good.

*Iced Green Tea or Water is literally in my hand ALL day long and I run to the bathroom ALL day long.

Dinner was roasted pork chop with steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes.

On days where I am a bit hungrier, I throw in some pretzels or cut up veggies.

Hope you enjoy all the food in this post. I’m hungry, time for snack!

Easter Basket Goodies

Spring has Sprung which brings us right into Easter and Mother’s Day and all things happy, cheery and bright! Not to mention these dreary April Showers better bring us loads and loads of May Flowers with Tulips galore and Kevin and my 4th Anniversary! <3

I’ll be posting our menu and table scape as we get closer to the festivities but today I want to share some Easter Basket treats for your Hunny-Bunny! If you’re guy is anything like mine, they really aren’t into the whole Egg Hunt/Easter Basket/Treat thing…but he does enjoy the ‘Dyeing’ Egg tradition! Who doesn’t? Here are some goodies I know my guy is sure to love! Don’t worry, he’s not allowed to read this post until after Easter.

1) Draft Beer Jelly Beans. Need I say more?

2) Beer. You can NEVER go wrong with beer. I haven’t decided what I will surprise him with yet.

3) Crew Shampoo. It’s a little pricey, but the guy loves it, and he has three half used Conditioners since we all know one runs out before the other.

4) Tickets to something. This will be his most exciting gift I think…tickets to [shocking] a Beer Festival that he has been wanting to go to. Guess I’m DD for the day. <3

5) Yea, this is really happening. I got a couple small Slim Jim‘s to add to his basket. Saw them while I was checking out at the Pet Store and figured it would be a nice addition.

6) Utterly Smooth is a great, unscented hand lotion for guys! The one from his stocking is empty so I’ll give him a new one in his Easter Basket.

That sums up my man’s Easter Basket…which isn’t going to be a basket but I haven’t decided yet what it’s going to be. Something simple and inexpensive. We’ll see. Maybe an empty six pack box with Easter grass?!? YAY!

What’s in your guy’s Easter Basket?