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9 Months

image1Age: 9 Months

Stats: 20.3lb (59 percentile), dome 44.7cm (39 percentile), 29″ (76 percentile)

Clothes/Size: We’re totally in 9 month clothing (obviously) but also wearing some 12 month things as well. Pajamas with feet have to be 12 month because someone has huge feet (we’re talking size 4/5 already).

Favorite Foods: I feel like a non-fussy eater is almost just as bad as a fussy one sometimes. We can’t eat in front of him without him standing there begging for our food – even if he JUST ate. Brandon loves food of color, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli and just about ANYTHING in between. The only food we have found that he does not like is green beans.

Diaper size: Size 3

How much am I eating: A metric ton. Sippy cup of water/juice, apples with yogurt and cereal for breakfast. A bottle. Ham/turkey, veggies, fruit, starch for lunch with a sippy cup. A bottle. Dinner is usually a baby version of whatever we’re having (shepherd’s pie, beets, chicken…), sippy cup. Bottle before bed. We’ve been having to supplement a TINY bit with formula every couple of days. His milk intake is still pretty high even though he’s eating a ton and my supply just isn’t cutting it.

Words: Nothing official yet, just a lot of babbling. I like to think he’s saying “mama, mama, mama” when he’s upset but I’m pretty sure he’s not really.

Activities: I have the only child on the planet that doesn’t sit still for a second even when he’s sick. Give me a break here kid! He laughs, claps, does Indian, bounces, cruises along the couch while holding on, climbs stairs, crawls, waves and does high five.

Sleep: He’s still ALL over the place. Now he’s 110% dependent on his pacifier when he sleeps and it’s annoying. If he spits it out and wakes up he cries until he gets it. Although, we keep spares by the crib so he stands up and grabs a new one and goes back to bed – usually. He’s been sleeping about 11-12 hours and waking up once for his paci…..can’t complain.

Favorite Things: Brandon is into the stage where he likes to play with things standing up… this becomes difficult when you don’t have ton of big toys or room for him to do so. He still loves his Baby Einstein Music Table and we got him a couple similar tables for Christmas (gently used of course).

 Signature Moves: Since we can stand now, we like to climb the toilet and splash in the water..because that’s sanitary. Brandon also loves playing peek-a-boo.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: Everyday this child makes me more and more proud. He’s a tough cookie and barely cries when he falls or bumps his head. Brandon does the cutest and smartest little things already and I just can’t wait to watch him grow. Sometimes I wish he could just sit and chill on the couch (like when Mama is sick)…but he’s a boy and I guess I can’t expect that. I love this little man to the moon and back.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Brandon has SOMEHOW mastered turning the TV and Apple TV on to play music. I can’t even do this without Daddy’s assistance. Kevin loves to do things and watch Brandon imitate him – counting to “5” on his hand and making Indian noises.


Thanksgiving Recap

“It’s over at the blink of an eye”….totally how I feel lately. How did we cruise into December ALREADY!?? Feels like just yesterday I was 26 weeks pregnant and celebrating my 30th birthday and all of the sudden 31 is just around the corner. WHAT!

IMG_6500Let’s do a quick Thanksgiving recap. First of all – it was a nightmare. Just want to prepare you for this. We decided to head to Rhode Island Wednesday after work so we could relax on Thanksgiving and not have to travel first thing in the morning. To make the trip even crazier, Zoe decided to get sick days before we left and with no one around to medicate her, guess who made the trip as well? CAR FULL! No traffic gave me high hopes for a good trip. Jokes on me. Brandon woke up screaming that night and then hyperventilating. Kevin had a brutal night with him and it didn’t end there. Thursday, little man was a little fussy but seemed to be alright, he barely took a nap (no big deal), but got worse and worse ALL day. Just cranky. Constantly. Melt downs and a blowout later, we found ourselves heading back to his Gma’s to call it a night. Seemed easy. 9pm rolled around and he woke up crying again. This time he kept crying. And kept crying…didn’t want a bottle, didn’t want a pacifier, didn’t want to walk or sit or play! We finally took him outside to calm him down. This lasted for an hour. He finally got to sleep. We weren’t convinced it was over so we went right to sleep as well. That night we were up every 30 minutes to an hour. It was awful. Tiring. Draining. And we had no idea what was going on. We woke up exhausted and anxious with a sick baby.

We decided to head home earlier than usual. Get in our surroundings. Get comfortable and let Brandon be back to his routine. He got worse. He developed a rash all over his chest/stomach and forehead. ugh. It just goes on and on. Kevin’s Mom came down to spend some more time with us and help with Brandon which was nice. She witnessed his second “passing out” episode. Not fun. LONG short of it….it’s now a week later, Zoe is still sick and Brandon is pretty much back to normal. We think he ate something which caused some sort of reaction on top of possible teething. It’s been one heck of a week. I’ve spent more time at the vet than I have at my own doctor’s this year. Zoe doesn’t want us to have a Christmas this year, apparently.

Here’s hoping December 25th goes a little more smoothly!!!

In other news, Brandon got an early Christmas Present from Mem.


IMG_6501 IMG_6481 IMG_6495Is everyone done Christmas shopping?