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IMG_7566If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that Easter is my MOST favorite holiday of the year. It’s so bright and cheery – Spring has Sprung and the temps are getting warmer. I mean, this happens more when Easter falls in April instead of March – but lets just go with it!

IMG_7565                            Wire Basket (similar here) and ‘B’ Monogram Magnet from Target Dollar SpotIMG_7626Crayons / Fish / Peep / One Fish, Two Fish / Night Before / Runaway Bunny / Pajama Time / Going to Bed / Egg Sidewalk Chalk

I went real small and real basic with Brandon’s Easter Basket this year. Books, a toy and some crayons that he’ll be able to play with more in the coming months. We had such an enjoyable Easter this year with my Parents and Kevin’s Mom coming down to visit. We did a BUNCH of prep on Saturday which made Sunday a breeze. The less time in the kitchen and more time mingling with family – there’s nothing better. We were even able to sit outside and play some cards while the babe napped and dinner cooked!

IMG_7624 IMG_7625 IMG_7628I had so much fun planning this meal from the snacks to dessert! Pumpernickel chips cut out in Bunny Shapes with Avocado Hummus, Salami Rollups, Cheese & Crackers all for apps. Our entree consisted of Salad topped with Beets and homemade Vinaigrette, Leg of Lamb, Squash Mac & Cheese and Asparagus along with homemade Challah bread (<– so worth the work!). I made some easy vanilla cupcakes with Honey Bourbon Cream Cheese Frosting.

IMG_7634I didn’t really get a picture of my final table-scape which is a bummer, but totally LOVED how it all come together. But these glasses from Pier 1 were the final touch on my table and I absolutely adore them. Revision – thanks to my Mom who snapped a picture of my table (not the best quality – but it’ll do)!! I used my Great Aunt’s green glass dishes, some salad bowls my Mom unloaded to me and other odds and ends. The felt carrots held the forks and were from the Target Dollar Spot as well.

image1Brandon was a little too small last year to know what the heck was going on and if I remember correctly, he screamed his head off almost all day. This year he was much more tolerable and loved coloring his eggs!




IMG_7627 We were able to get some family photos – even though Brandon was more interested in the wind blowing and birds flying overhead! I wished the day would never end and our family didn’t have to leave. It’s so hard living in a different state from the ones we love.



Brandon’s First Birthday

Blink and a week has flown by, blink again and two weeks are gone – that’s how I’ve felt lately. It feels like we were just planning Brandon’s party and I look at the calendar to realize it was two weeks ago! The days are flying by faster than we know which means our little baby is really turning into our little boy right in front of our eyes. Every single day is more fun and funny. Here’s a little peak at Brandon’s party a couple weeks ago.

I knew I didn’t want some cheesy “theme” for his party, there will be plenty of those down the road when he wants trains and dump trucks and cartoon characters and there’s no way of talking him out of it! For now, let’s make it plain and simple! I couldn’t decided on a color scheme but KNEW I didn’t want generic boy blue and being as his birthday is the day before St. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t want green either. My first stop was the Target Dollar Spot and that’s where the party came to life in my head.

TEAL. That was it. Teal and red? Teal and black? I wasn’t sure, but knew we were going with TEAL. I was in Target a little before Valentine’s day and of course everything was pink and red, red and pink – if only Brandon was a Brandy….

I threw everything into my cart. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that could be used for his party. Straws and cups and chalk boards and garland and tissue name it, I bought it. I also grabbed some cute glass bottles for the kids so they could sip on juice while the adults indulged on the strong stuff. The day was EXTREMELY busy so it was a little difficult to snap pictures of everything but I tried. My Mom picked up some cute paper plates and napkins months ago which just happened to be teal.

I made a “Happy Birthday” ombre banner using different colors of teal as well as a “ONE” banner for Brandon’s highchair using the same colors. I tried to do the same effects using balloons but the grocery store had limited colors – so we used white (should have done clear), light blue and teal. We had a white/vanilla/buttercream cake with teal writing and balloons. I hung one tissue garland and three tissue poms from Target and called it a day. My focus was on the little guy and the food.

bran brandSomeone was over tired but did manage to enjoy (his first) piece of cake at his party! Thank you to our family and friends that all traveled to Connecticut to celebrate Brandon’s 1st Birthday. It will always be one to remember! This little boy is loved more than he knows,

12 Months

11 montAge: 12 Months

Stats: Height 30″ (56%), Weight 22-14.5lb (74%), Dome 46cm (47%) <— I would honestly hate to see a baby with a head any larger!

Clothes/Size: Brandon was STILL kind of in some 9 month clothes but I just switched 9 month out and 12, 12-18 month IN! We have plenty of clothes in this size so gotta make sure we wear them all.

Favorite Foods: Still loving anything with color! Especially blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado and eggs. We have OFFICIALLY ordered from a menu at a restaurant twice (ravioli for dinner, eggs and toast for breakfast).

Diaper size: Size 3

How much am I eating: Lots. Child is a garbage disposal and I hope that never changes. It does get frustrating when Kevin and I are having a snack or eating breakfast later than Brandon and he’s whining because he wants some too. He has three complete meals and usually an afternoon snack. Since his 12 month appointment we have ditched the bottle before his nap and trying to wean off the bottle before bed. So far not so good. haha

Words: Officially saying “dada” but that refer to just about anything from diapers to vacuum. He understands words and tries to say them, his favorite is “bough” (birds).

Activities: Climbing the stairs, opening and closing drawers/cabinets, placing things in and out of baskets and buckets, cruising along the couch or anything that helps him stand. Listening to music and dancing. Chasing Zoe and pulling her tail so she scratches him.

Sleep: Still totally inconsistent. I was hoping by a year things would be pretty much on track but that’s not the case. He’s still having (what we and the doctor) think are night terrors and they are a b**** to deal with. Besides that, he usually wakes up one more time in the night and needs his pacifier – even if it’s 5 inches from his face. C’mon bud, work with us here!

Favorite Things: Books. Music. Anything that’s plugged into the wall and his monitor. He LOVES playing outside and going to the beach when he’s at daycare.

Signature Moves: Dancing and shaking his head back and forth. He loves giving kisses and waving goodbye too.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: What aren’t I proud of? I’m proud that he never had belly issues and has taken to food/breastmilk/whole milk SO easily (not that it was something we could control). I’m proud how well Kevin and I have fallen into this role and most things have come naturally. I’m proud that Brandon is easy to put down for naps and at bedtime and has a HUGE appetite. He loves to learn, play and he catches onto things SO quickly – my little sponge. He has no problem being left with family and is just so easy going.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Daddy is proud of all the little baby steps Brandon has been making around the house. He’s about ready to let go ANY ANY second now.

Filippo Berio Olive You

Changing things up a little and sharing some delicious Olive Oil for you guys! Filippo Berio is a tasty Olive Oil and definitely budget friendly. I know the oil and vinegar aisle can be totally consuming sometimes and you get overwhelmed and grab for the store brand. Been there, done that. I have bought Filippo Berio tons of times before and now I am excited to try their new Robusto and Delicato versions.

Olive oil has SO many health benefits so it was easy to add this into our daily meals without thinking twice. I went with a tasty Grilled Shrimp and Tropical Fruit Salsa because the Delicato is a milder oil and lets the food you are eating shine through. Try the Robusto in the Bahn Mi Salad Bowl for a bolder flavor. YUM!

Marinate the shrimp in some Berio, lemon juice and seasonings or heat a little in a pan if you are not planning to grill them. With a high heating temperature (375°F) there’s no worry you’ll burn the shrimp.

Other uses and benefits of Filippo Berio Olive Oil:

  • Use in homemade salad dressings
  • Use in the shower as a deep conditioning treatment or mix with organic sugar for a body scrub/exfoliator
  • Apply to pregnant bellies to lessen the chances of stretch marks, rashes and dry skij
  • Help remove cradle cap by massaging into baby’s scalp and washing out with baby shampoo
  • Protect baby’s skin and soothe diaper rashed bottoms

This post was sponsored by Influenster for Filippo Berio Olive Oil so I couple make an honest review on the product.


Hoppy Easter! I think Easter is one of my favorite Holidays. It’s so bright and cheery and puts everyone is such a good mood as Spring and Summer are in sight! For someone who practically lives in dark colors and hats, bright and cheery is totally out of my comfort zone. But all I have to say is one word, TULIPS!

We have an early Easter this year which isn’t the greatest, I would much rather enjoy it mid-April when it’s ACTUALLY starting to look and feel warmer. Not like this winter hasn’t been super warm up here in the Northeast. I’m just looking forward to everything there is to come, celebrating and watching Brandon grow and enjoy everything.

Here are a few goodies I’ve found, but I’m still on the lookout for an Easter Basket – maybe something I can use all year long or something I can use every Easter…perhaps this, or these? That Anthropologie one is on sale and that set of three, I’ll have one for Kevin and one for a second baby when that time comes. Hmmm…

easterCrayola / Basket / Book / Hoppy Paws / Magnet Blocks / Crayons / Hat / Mocs / Pajamas

I know I’ve mentioned the Tegu Blocks before, and forget using them in a building fashion, Brandon really likes using these on the refrigerator and dishwasher (but mostly he likes throwing them in the garbage). I’m telling you, these Night Before books are adorable and there’s one for every holiday PLUS. Egg shaped Crayons (these will be Brandon’s first) and I thought they were too perfect in addition to being easy for him to hold.

I’m hopeful for blue skies and treats galore this year! Happy Easter everyone!

St. Patty’s Fun

I can’t believe we’re already cruising into March and Brandon’s second St. Patrick’s Day (granted he was only hours old on his first!). This is not a favorite day of mine but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to be festive this year! Why not start with a couple small goodies for the babe and move into TREATS!

stpatOutfit / Tee / Bib / Cup / Straw / Felt Toys / Shoes / Tattoo / Book / Blanket 

I hope you all love these ideas as much as I do! Brandon will be getting The Night Before book, a new bib (because we make a mess out of those things on the DAILY) and some Mum Mums in green wrapping.

I’ll be home for St. Patrick’s Day this year so I plan on whipping up a batch of Green Pancakes, and have a mid-morning snack of fruit skewers of all things green (granny smith apply, kiwi, green grapes, melon and avocado. Brandon will definitely not care about the looks but BOY will his belly be loving it. Pre-dinner snack I’m thinking of some Clover Shaped Spinach Wrap Chips. I just need to find a clover cookie cutter – dollar store?

I really don’t know if I’m feeling Corned Beef this year! We had it last year when Brandon was literally DAYS old but…idk, it may be something I do spur of the moment! Green pasta? Maaayyybe.

I hope you all enjoy these green ideas, what are some of your traditions?