22 Weeks

IMG_0088How far along: 22 Weeks! Can I start counting down now?
Baby is the size of: An ear of corn! Nearly a foot long.
  Surprise until March…but we are kind of leaning more one direction lately.
Weight gain: 10 pounds at my last checkup, but judging by the weigh-in this morning that I shouldn’t have done…probably more like 15. eep!
Maternity clothes:
Kind of alternating everything..maternity jeans and leggings, pre-preg jeans and Bellaband and tops are all pre-preg with a sweater over.
Stretch marks:
Still nothing. 
Belly button in or out:
  Still in…not sure when it’s supposed to pop out.
Sleep: Been OK. But rolling over has been more uncomfortable lately and I wake up every single time I have to move. Baby is more active also, but not yet waking me up.
Best moment this week:
 Kicks getting stronger and definitely frequent. Baby is taking up a lot more space so every movement is felt. Kevin gets to feel lots of little kicks now. <3
Worst moment this week: Having to adjust my meals. I can’t eat anywhere near as much at one sitting as I used to…but that also means I’m hungry much more often!
Miss anything: 
Sleeping on my stomach or even laying on my stomach period!! Missing it more than ever. 
 Baby L is a mover and a shaker. I see karate in it’s future!
Cravings: Any and everything! But still eating well. Only had a handful of pieces of Halloween Candy and they were all mini’s. 😉
Queasy or sick: 
Not for a few months now. Just feel VERY full after I eat. 
Labor Signs: 
No labor signs, keep those away for a few more months please.
 Not really much of anything going on lately. It’s kind of nice.
Wedding rings on or off: On. My books say that hands and ankles should begin to swell..we’ll see.
Looking forward to: 
Everything! Excited for my Shower, Thanksgiving, my 30th Birthday, Christmas and then the serious nesting in the nursery can happen!! Ready for this little creature to be on the outside!

I figure it was a good time to show off the belly WITHOUT a shirt over it. Of course everyone says how cute baby bumps are, and they’re so sweet, it’s cute, cute cute cute. Well here’s a little tip to those non-pregnant people – it’s anything but cute. It doesn’t look like that perfect little round belly, beautiful skin…no no. It’s a big, stretched out stomach full of veins. HAHA!

IMG_0069 IMG_0067

A pregnant belly is seriously something that I cannot explain. You wake up one morning and it’s there, out of nowhere. And there’s nothing you can do about it. But to feel those little kicks and jabs and hiccups makes it ALL worth it. Baby L will be here before we know it.

This picture I just had to share…we went to Rhode Island this weekend to celebrate Kevin’s Dad’s birthday which called for a trip to the bowling alley. Not sure how I was going to be able to bowl with a gut and no balance…but I held my own. This picture just makes me laugh

IMG_0095I’m not smuggling a bowling ball, I promise!!

3 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. Mom

    You know I always have to make a comment! You are looking better than ever and that baby bump is just beautiful! You look radiant, and so does Kevin! I guess I still can’t believe it…I’m anxious for the shower too! …and Thanksgiving and your birthday and Christmas…and of course, the Cher Concert…LOL !!!!!

    1. Adrianne

      Grandma your so funny!!! This is all exciting!!! Can’t wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!! And Danielle you are glowing!!! I’m still rooting it’s a boy!!!! 😉

  2. Agnes

    It’s so exciting and you truly are looking amazing, and radiant! That baby L is one lucky little baby to be spoiled by grandparents, family, and friends alike 🙂 bowling ball smuggler lol and Cher concert…You ladies crack me up 😉 can’t wait for your shower and Birthday too! Its gonna be awesome!


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