23 Weeks

IMG_3559How far along: 23 Weeks and counting
Baby is the size of: A bunch of grapes – a little vague if you ask me!
  Surprise! We don’t know and neither will you!
Weight gain: 10 pounds at my last checkup, but we go on Wednesday for the next appointment.
Maternity clothes:
Kind of alternating everything..maternity jeans and leggings, pre-preg jeans and Bellaband. Tops are all pre-preg with a sweater over.
Stretch marks:
Still nothing!! Woohoo
Belly button in or out:
  Still in but looks a little shallow!
Sleep: Been OK. But rolling over has been more uncomfortable lately and I wake up every single time I have to move!!
Best moment this week:
Nothing that stands out in particular. Still able to do my normal activities without too much trouble. More and more kicks that we can see through my shirt.
Worst moment this week: Need to get back into fitness and working out because I have hit a wall lately! Other than that, doing well!
Miss anything: 
Sleeping on my stomach or even laying on my stomach period!! Missing it more than ever. 
Lots and lots of movement. It’s so fun (except when it’s directly into your bladder)!
Cravings: Any and everything! More often, but staying on track with healthier choices.
Queasy or sick: 
Labor Signs: 
No labor signs, some practice contractions. These should start to be more fun.
 Nothing! I mean, besides the baby moving and me being hungry…
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Looking forward to: 
Everything! Things are going to start getting more real and March will be here before we know it!

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