25 Weeks

25weeksHow far along: 25 Weeks – this week flew by!
Baby is the size of: A Napa Cabbage?
  Surprise! We don’t know and neither will you!
Weight gain: Probably still around that 15lb mark!
Maternity clothes:
Same. Tops are mostly always non-maternity.
Stretch marks:
Still nothing!! Woohoo
Belly button in or out:
  Still in.
Sleep: Been great for about a week now!
Best moment this week:
Short week, Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas!
Worst moment this week: How can anything be bad at this point? Except, this morning I sneezed in bed and literally thought I ripped my uterus open.
Miss anything:
This time of year I am definitely missing a festive cocktail!
This week I felt my first official “roll” from Baby L. It was certainly not a kick, punch or jab, it was a roll from one side of my belly to the other, it’s so weird! Kevin is able to feel movement now too!
Cravings: Still beef. In any form. Oh, actually been really wanting Oranges!
Queasy or sick: 
Labor Signs: 
None yet.
 Nothing! I mean, besides the baby moving and me being hungry…
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Looking forward to:
The nursery is getting closer and closer to being ready every day! Now looking forward to everyone coming down for my Birthday next weekend and then Christmas!

We changed things up this week and decided to take the month blocks to the Tree Farm to snap a picture. The typical spot was getting mega boring to me! We spent the morning searching for the perfect tree! We couldn’t decide if we really wanted to get a tree this year or skip the festivities, but since we have taken over Christmas, it seemed only right! There were no Griswold moments, only a few quotes I just couldn’t resist.

Happy soon to be December all!

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