27 Weeks

IMG_3680How far along: 27 Weeks
Baby is the size of: A bunch of bananas
Weight gain: Probably still around that 15lb+ mark!
Maternity clothes:
Same. Tops are mostly always non-maternity.
Stretch marks:
Still nothing and I owe that to Lush
Belly button in or out:
  Still in.
Sleep: Been off and on. It’s really starting to be a nuisance.
Best moment this week:
Feeling baby moving is always a crazy exciting time. I also got my Glucose Tolerance test under my belt so will wait for the results at my appointment this week. AND, Kevin officially being done with school and graduating in the Spring! He finished just in time to enjoy the first year of Baby L and not be stressed with school. I couldn’t be more proud! <3
Worst moment this week: Just the sleeping being a hassle is starting to wear on me.
Miss anything:
Stuffing my face at every meal and a holiday cocktail! It gets kind of old being sober sister at every event.
So much movement and big movement – even though Baby is still pretty relaxed in there.
Cravings: Still beef. In any form. Oh, actually been really wanting Oranges and Clementines!
Queasy or sick: 
Labor Signs:
Some Braxton Hicks every so often but that’s it.
Wedding rings on or off: On with plenty of room to grow.
Looking forward to:
Getting through Christmas and New Years in one piece and then be at the 30 week mark. OH EM GEE!

I wanted to share a couple perks of those whole pregnancy thing because I’m pretty impressed about them. I know the books say that your nails and hair grow a ton and get thicker…I wouldn’t necessarily say this is 100% true for me. My nails are pretty hard, but my hair is about the same. I will say, my hair does not get greasy. It’s amazing. I don’t typically wash my hair every day anyway since it isn’t healthy for it, but my hair looks good as the first day I did it for close to 5 days. It’s a miracle. The other thing is my skin, mainly my face. I have had such soft, acne-free skin this entire time – even if I get too lazy and don’t wash my face at night of all that makeup. All in all, I’d say these symptoms are pretty nice to be encountering.

We spent the weekend in Rhode Island celebrating Christmas, Birthday and Patriot’s with Kevin’s family. It was a busy weekend, as usual, but a fun one!!!



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