3 Year Update

behind the 8-ball here – but we’ve been enjoying life and nice weather so much that the blog took a back burner! Here’s Brandon’s much anticipated 3-year update.

Age: 3 Years

Stats: Height 40″ (94%), Weight 36lb (85%).

Clothes/Size: 2T/3T – we need 2T for waist size and 3T for length. Is it normal to grow 3+ shoe sizes in a year? Brandon is still outgrowing shoes every 3 or so months.

Favorite Foods: Fruit. Chips. Pickles. Pizza. Dessert. Spicy things. Basically, anything that anyone else is eating – except burgers and chicken.

How much am I eating: Nothing has changed here. Brandon just loves. to. eat. After dinner the other night he had a treat then noticed I was snacking on salt and vinegar chips – before I knew it, he was arm deep in the bag as well. Kid has no off switch.

Words: I would like to remove “why” from the English language. He has no problem talking and everyone seems to understand him for the most part. I especially like when he comes out with random phrases such as, “it was here a minute ago…”.

Activities: Being outside doing any and everything. He constantly wants to go to the playground and the choo-choo station. Ride his Gator in the road. Water all the flowers and rake stones.

Sleep: Brandon has had a solid bedtime of 8/830pm-6am for the last year or so. He was waking up before 6am so we invested in the “OK To Wake” clock which lights up when it’s OK to get out of bed. He did real well with it for the first couple months but now he doesn’t pay much attention to it. He will wake up anytime between 615-645am every morning.

Favorite Things: Baby Penguin (aka Roast Beef, similar here) is our current fav and goes back and forth with all of his other stuffed animals. Brandon got an arts and crafts table and cart for his birthday and just absolutely loves working at it, whether it’s coloring, cutting or painting. I love when he wants to do art because it means he’s not begging to watch a movie or the iPad and is typically occupied for a while.

Signature Moves: Singing. Always singing the Grand Old Duke of York.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: How do I pick just one? I think I would have to go with his love for everything. He’s always up for an adventure and gets excited to do things. He’s been in swimming lessons since September and has gone from being super nervous and clinging to us for dear life, to jumping, touching the bottom and doggy paddling by himself in just about 6 months. He has grasped the concept of swimming and has been an example for the rest of his class. He is ready to move up and we don’t have to be in there with him anymore! Happy and sad moment for us all. We also upgraded Brandon to a big bed and I can’t believe we’re at this point already. He was in a toddler bed ( converted crib ) since he was about 20 months old so it was definitely time for a change. We got him the Tuft & Needle bed and a platform frame.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Kevin is really proud of how Brandon is doing at swimming lessons! Most recently, Kevin got Brandon his own fishing pole, tackle box and accessories. All he wants to do is fish in the backyard! It’s fun to see that Brandon is at an age now where he can DO things ( with assistance ) and experience new things and activities.

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  1. Grandmama

    I really missed the LLL updates, and I wish this one was longer….I can read about Brandon 24/7 !! What a lucky set of parents to have such a special Little Man!! And what a lucky Little Man to have such wonderful parents!! Love you all!! xoxo Grandmama


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