33 Weeks


How far along: 33 Weeks – I feel like I just posted 32 weeks, time is KIND of going quickly
Baby is the size of: Cauliflower
  Guess what? We still don’t know.
Weight gain: Up another 2 pounds this week, so about 22 lb total
Maternity clothes:
Same stuff – belly is getting exponentially larger so I’m sticking to maternity shirts or nice stretchy tanks.
Stretch marks:
Belly button in or out:
  Still in, refuses to go out!
Sleep: Been off and on…mostly been horrible.
Best moment this week:
Lots of things this week, my first Prenatal Yoga class was last week and I loved it! We did a Hospital Tour and made an appointment to meet with a Pediatrician. This is really happening! Also, the doctor this week was great and showed me exactly how the baby was positioned and took his time with us. He said the baby won’t be too big or too small so it won’t break my hips – great thing to hear!
Worst moment this week: Just getting more uncomfortable, but nowhere near unbearable yet. AND right after I posted last weekend, I noticed my ankles were starting to swell a bit. Lucky to have Kevin to massage them bad boys.
Miss anything:
Being not pregnant, I still have 7 weeks but I am so ready. I want my ribs back to where they’re supposed to be.
Still very calm, most active time is after lunch or before/after dinner.
Cravings: Nothing really.
Queasy or sick:
Labor Signs:
Not yet.
Congested…sore ribs…swollen ‘c’ankles
Wedding rings on or off: On. No swelling in the hands
Looking forward to:
More Yoga classes even though this blizzard just ruined this weeks class. My RI Shower was this weekend and it was more than I could have expected. It was a great day and I couldn’t thank Kevin’s family enough for planning such a beautiful shower! Now officially time to finish shopping and complete the nursery!

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  1. Mom

    Is this really happening????? Yes, last weekend’s shower was just fabulous!! Sue and Carol and Lynn did a fabulous job!! We had a great time in RI…we always do!! xoxo


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