34 Weeks

34 weekHow far along: 34 Weeks! So close yet so DAMN FAR.
Baby is the size of: Cabbage
  Guess what? We still don’t know.
Weight gain: Not sure, we go to the doctor on Tuesday.
Maternity clothes:
Same stuff – belly is getting exponentially larger so I’m sticking to maternity shirts or nice stretchy tanks.
Stretch marks:
Belly button in or out:
  It is very much IN still.
Sleep: Mostly crappy…I’m so tired during the day too.
Best moment this week:
The fact that I’m one week closer to the end. I did some baby laundry today! Oh yeah, and I had a massage yesterday which was SO lovely.
Worst moment this week: Getting uncomfortable, tired, annoyed….I’m ready to be not pregnant. Yoga and Ultrasound were canceled due to the “blizzard” we never got. So that was sad. But makeup this week.
Miss anything:
My body. My clothes. Beer. Yea, it’s Superbowl Sunday and the Patriot’s are playing…throw me a damn bone here.
Still very calm, most active time is after lunch or before/after dinner.
Cravings: Nothing really.
Queasy or sick:
Last two nights I’ve been feeling a little blah.
Labor Signs:
Not yet.
Congested…sore ribs…difficulty sleeping.
Wedding rings on or off: On. No swelling in the hands
Looking forward to:
Yoga classes. Doctor appointments. My Mom coming next weekend to help do laundry and fold and organize. Be one week closer to the end.

2 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. Adrianne

    Almost over!!! Baby will be here before you know it!!! …..just keep resting when you can!!! Your still looking good and its still so crazy to see you with a baby bump!!!


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