35 Weeks


Thanks be to Daddy for taking part in this weeks photo and Grandma for being photographer for the day. #nomakeupdontcare

How far along: 35 Weeks! Time is ticking. <3
Baby is the size of:  A bunch of Carrots (which sound delicious right now.  Baby’s estimated size is 5lb13oz, 77th percentile. Baby is a porker. Heartbeat was 158.
  Haven’t a clue…
Weight gain: As of my appointment on Thursday, officially up 25lb. BP was 130/80 – higher than normal but my appointment was in the morning so maybe that’s why.
Maternity clothes:
Same stuff – leggings and yoga pants from here on out…open cardigans and sweaters that don’t need to be zipped. I really wish I was pregnant in warmer weather. This winter thing is nonsense. Jeans in the photo are pre-preg and fit everywhere except the waist. Happy about that.
Stretch marks:
Belly button in or out:
  In. I have more maternity photos coming soon and you’ll be able to see the awkward looking belly button we have going on. I’ve taken my ring out – although putting it through every so often to keep the hole from closing. Don’t judge.
Sleep: Solid until about 2am..then toss and turn until 5am then solid again until the alarm at 6:30am. Makes for a rough day.
Best moment this week:
Feeling baby move is always the best moment. Even though I’m over this pregnant thing, it’s been so great and so easy! And Yoga, I love my Prenatal Yoga class. We got the stroller (thanks Mom and Dad)…next step is installing the bases into the vehicles and packing the hospital bag!!
Worst moment this week: Getting full and uncomfortable very easy after eating. Getting sick of bundling up for the cold.
Miss anything:
My body. My clothes. Beer. Beer.
Still very calm, most active time is after lunch or before/after dinner.
Cravings: Nothing really.
Queasy or sick:
Nope, doing pretty good.
Labor Signs:
Some Braxton Hicks but not as much as I was getting before.
Congested…sore ribs…difficulty sleeping..fat (really fat) ankles as of lately.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Looking forward to:
My doctor appointments are starting to be a week apart which makes it go quicker. Mom is here this weekend helping do laundry and organize the nursery. We got a lot done and I feel better with everything if baby comes early. We have the hospital and coming home outfits all set. This is real. Making my hospital list. Yikes…I am very much ready to meet the little critter!

And then…there was this, couldn’t resist.


4 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. Adrianne

    YOUR NOT FAT YOUR PREGNANT!!! Your belly, after you have the baby, will go down trust me, and the weight will come right off since you will be pumping and you guys eat so healthy and good that you won’t keep the weight on. You’ll see

  2. Mom

    This past weekend was soooooo much fun!! I always love to visit you both in CT, as there is always something going on to do and enjoy…even if it is just playing with Zoe! We did get a lot done and looks like you guys are very ready for the new little Laroche to join your family!! Thanks for dinner at Nellie Green’s, Kevin, and for making dinner Saturday night…it was scrumptous!! Love you both lots!! xoxo


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