39 Weeks

resizeHow far along: 39 Weeks.
Baby is the size of:  A Pumpkin
  So close now it’s scary. haha
Weight gain: The weight was back up again this week. So about the 28lb mark.
Maternity clothes:
I’m not caring much lately. Long tanks, sweaters/cardigans and leggings/yoga pants. I am getting uncomfortable for sure. Next pregnancy will be in the summer, I don’t care what you people say about being hot.
Stretch marks:
Belly button in or out:
Sleep: Sleep has been pretty awful. I’m real uncomfortable.
Best moment this week:
Still 1cm, 80% effaced. I hope to be a little more this week for my upcoming appointment.
Worst moment this week: Just getting uncomfortable at this point. My belly gets sore sleeping on one side and when I move to the other it actually hurts a little. Everything is just making me blah and feeling yucky lately. Maybe it’s the low before some excitement????
Miss anything:
Being comfy and able to curl up! Maybe hug my husband and not have a belly in the way.
Baby has been calmer and quieter than ever.
Cravings: Nothing really.
Queasy or sick:
Nope, doing pretty good.
Labor Signs:
More contractions.
My ankles are still swelling a bit, not as bad as before. Contractions.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Looking forward to:
EVERYTHING. If there was ever a time during the last ~280 days that I was ready it’s now more than EVER! At this point I’m not focused on a name, I’m not focused on a gender…I just want to see this baby and see what/who they look like, if they have hair…all the random things. My anxiety and excitement level have gone through the roof but I’m trying to be as calm as possible and hope things will start progressing quickly. I have another massage scheduled this weekend and hope that relaxes me and gets baby ready!

One thought on “39 Weeks

  1. Mom

    We are as anxious as you are! Dad and I packed our bags today, so we can leave soon after we get the call…we need to be sure that Zoe gets fed…lol !!! You are looking terrific, and that little Baby Laroche is going to be gorgeous too!! We love you guys!! xoxo


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