4 Months

IMG_5160Age: 4 Months (17 weeks)

Stats: 15lb 6.5oz (49 percentile), dome 41.5cm (44 percentile), 25.5″ (66 percentile)

IMG_5162 IMG_5169

Clothes/Size: Since our last official update, Brandon is completely out of Newborn clothes and 0-3 month clothes. He has just started to transition to 3 month and 3-6 month sizing. He really only needs the 6 month for length.

Favorite Foods: This child is unbelievable when it comes to his consumption. There’s not enough milk in the world to fill his belly! Still trying to keep him satisfied on milk and some formula at night. As of today, we can start adding rice cereal, fruit and veggies to his diet! YAY!

Diaper size: As of last week we have transitioned into size 2! He still has a package of size 1 at Daycare that she is trying to use up. They still fit him but 2’s are definitely more his size right now. So far, the stash of diapers from my showers as well as the few packages I bought ahead of time has really been almost perfect. I think I bought 1-2 packages of Newborn and that’s it. I have a couple more size 1’s but I think we’ll save those for (if and when) the next one.

How much am I eating: We are still supplementing with Similac Supplementing and it has been working fine for us. Brandon is eating somewhere between 25-30 ounces in the course of the day which seems like a TON! Before bed he typically takes 5-9 ounces depending on how recently he had eaten. He still has no real feeding schedule. We have been giving him a little more formula at bedtime to help keep him full for most of the night. He was doing well only waking once but has started waking up twice again and we think he’s just metabolizing SO quickly. He gets 4oz formula and the remainder of milk in this bedtime bottle only, all other feedings are milk. We will begin giving him food for breakfast and dinner and then his regular bottle before bed.

Mama’s weight: I’ll be honest. My motivation for working out has been about a zero. I’ll go 2-3 times a week and then not for a week. The time I do have I want to spend at home and if I go to the gym after work it makes for a SUPER hectic evening. I’d say I’m pretty much at my pre-baby weight just not as toned.

Words: No works yet, but baby boy is talking and singing up a storm! About two weeks ago he started laughing! The absolutely cutest thing ever.

Activities: Big things are happening right before our eyes. Brandon just wants to stand all day long. His legs are so strong and he tries to climb up you when you’re holding him. We’re really trying to get him to sit up by himself. He holds on to your finger and will sit up and stay up with a little help but he still can’t quite stay there by himself. He is rolling over (officially started when he was 3 months) and stands up in his little walker. Little man’s head control and strength when in his walker is amazing. Our Pediatrician said he’ll be walking before he’s 1. Were in trouble.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good. He doesn’t fall asleep as easily after his bedtime bottle anymore but with a little help he goes down. The last week or so he’s been going to bed around 7:30pm and waking up around 1:30am and 4:30/5am to eat then up for good around 6/6:30am. We are upping his formula at bedtime and have gotten him to sleep straight through until 4:30am and then will wake up around 6:30/7am. Sleeping through the night is nice, except the whole 7 hours without pumping is awfully painful! Hopefully adding some solids will give us all some good rest.

Favorite Things: Brandon is really starting to enjoy toys lately. He absolutely LOVES blankets. When he’s a little fussy in his carseat or highchair, we put a blanket on him and it usually calms him right now (sometimes we add the pacifier but are really trying to limit the use of one). In addition, he loves this ball, his Sophie Giraffe, crinkle Giraffe and the Banana Teether (it’s totally for teaching toothbrushing…) which is really rubbery and easy for him to hold onto. My friend made a little tabbed blanket which he has also been snuggling with a lot lately. It’s so fun seeing him play with his toys because I remember opening these gifts from family and friends and remember exactly who gave them to us.

 Signature Moves: Rolling over! He only rolls to one side and usually chills on his side for a while before committing completely to make sure the full roll is worth it. Standing on your lap and sitting up with assistance. Monkey man is SO afraid he is going to miss something. We have to look around at all times.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: I just love everything about this little man and feel so lucky to be able to work, but also spend a few days with him so I don’t miss out on him growing up. He’s so snuggly when he gets sleepy and sometimes it’s difficult to put him down. I’m proud of the little guy to experience his first solids tonight by spoon. It was interesting trying to feed him liquid, but he took it like a champ, just not fast enough. Aside from Brandon, I’m proud of myself for sticking with pumping now for 4 (long and tiring) months and giving him the best nutrition I can. His growth is perfect and I couldn’t be more proud of all three of us.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Kevin is the one to first make Brandon laugh and has been doing it ever since. Mama doesn’t have the skill to get the giggles like Daddy does. He is just the sweetest when he’s happy. I think the picture below sums up the first rice experience.


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  1. Mom

    I groove reading these updates……and even though I talk to you regularly and see you fairly often, just reading all the things that happen between the lines makes me smile and so proud to be Grandma!! Keep ’em coming…someday maybe Brandon will love reading them too!!! xoxo


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