Mid-pregnancy Growing Bump Goodies

I can’t believe we are already halfway through October…where does the time go? This time next year everything will be new and exciting and we’ll be deciding on a costume for the little offspring. Sometimes I wish I didn’t work so I could stay home and decorate and be creative. When I get home from the work, the last thing I want to do is ANYTHING. Weekends come and go so quickly that I feel like there’s no time to enjoy it all. I hope that changes in a few months and we are able to enjoy ourselves and our little family and not take on too many other tasks.

I know it’s still pretty “early” in my pregnancy – I use the term early lightly as I know it’s going to get worse/crazy before it gets better. I put together a little list of the items that have helped me get through the first 4-5 months with a growing bump. Some I have talked about before but most are new!


Snoogle / Maternity Leggings / Maternity Jeans / Tank Tops / Bellaband / Lace Bralette / Therapy Bar / Purity / Clarisonic / Workout Tank

I think most are self explanatory, but this is why I love them! My Snoogle was purchased by my Mom shortly after we announced the news VERY early on. She saw this and picked it up for me. Seriously THE best purchase thus far. If nothing else, it’s nice to snuggle with at night. But it keeps my knees and hips separate (which is good for my hip surgery as well) and keeps everything aligned and the weight of my belly up off the mattress. I love going to bed at night when I know this is waiting for me.

Maternity Leggings and Maternity Jeans. I know what you’re thinking…leggings are leggings. Wrong, wrong, wrong my friends. I started wearing my Gap Leggings when I first became pregnant and felt bloated daily, but even with those the waist band cut right across my belly and made it more uncomfortable than I ever imagined. The leggings I have came in my Stitch Fix at the hefty price tag of $58 by Rune NYC but have been a LIFEsaver on my body. Jeans fall under the same category. I feel like you should invest in one good pair of maternity jeans. Personally, I want to splurge on skinny jeans because I wear those most of the Fall and Winter. Today is the first day I am wearing my Bellaband over an old pair of American Eagle Artist Jeans with the button undone and I’m actually really loving this thing. My pre-pregnancy jeans fit me everywhere except the waist so it’s a good way to not spend as much money. The price tag can be anywhere $25-$30 for this band but I would suggest it if your pants still fit!

I have not spent the money on maternity tops since right now I don’t really need them. I’ve been buying the spaghetti strap tanks from Kohls or H&M which are like $5 each, but buying them a size or two larger so they can grow with me and be worn with everything and fit my growing belly! The bralette I purchased at Walmart for the splurge of $4.99 and is such a great find. My ribs are widening to make room for everything going on inside me and my chest is getting bigger as well. I’ve been wearing this as my bra and is so nice and stretchy compared to my bras which are getting to be pretty horrible. The workout tank is another suggestion – I have one from Lululemon but tried to find a more budget friendly version. The bottom sits snug around the waist but the rest fluffs out over your belly so you don’t feel like a stuffed sausage anymore than you normally would.

Last but not least, skincare. As those hormones rage over the 9 months your skin will go through many changes…maybe your skin used to break out but is now clear or used to be clear and now you’re breaking out everywhere…skincare is even more important now. I use my Clarisonic 4-5 times a week and wash my face twice daily with Purity. You can’t control the hormones but you can control the grease and makeup buildup. Therapy Massage Bar from Lush is the item I mentioned in a previous blog. My girlfriend gave this to me as at congratulatory gift as it helps relieve stretch marks. I LOVE this bar. I don’t know if it helps with stretchmarks or not – I haven’t seen any yet – but it makes my skin feels soft as silk and I use it ALL over my belly!! Such a great find.

And of course, something that money can’t buy…

IMG_1401This guy. I don’t know how I would be coping with all the changes going on if it wasn’t for the man who helped create them!!! Kev has been SUCH a great support for me, through my “fat cries” and ice cream cravings that I can hardly wait for him to hold his little offspring in his arms. Still trying to get him to feel a kick, but he talks to the baby and kisses my belly daily and is just as excited as I am. I may be getting fat, but at least I can do it with this guy by my side.


2 thoughts on “Mid-pregnancy Growing Bump Goodies

  1. Adrianne

    Very fun reading all about your pregnancy and life! The jeans and leggings were my fav!!!! And wore them all the time!!! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and is very exciting! So glad to see you both enjoying it too as did we. Xoxoxo!

  2. Mom

    When was that picture taken of Kevin…..last Thanksgiving???? But you are right, he is right there by your side every step of the way. That ‘s one of the reasons we love him so much!!



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