21 Weeks

IMG_3512How far along: 21 weeks – seriously, where did that belly come from?
Baby is the size of: A carrot!
  Surprise until March…but we are kind of leaning more one direction lately.
Weight gain: 10 pounds at my last checkup, but judging by this picture a LOT more already.
Maternity clothes:
Mostly maternity clothes now, but got some new open sweaters that I really like.
Stretch marks:
None yet!!
Belly button in or out:
  Still in, turkey’s not done yet.
Sleep: Been OK. But rolling over has been more uncomfortable lately and I wake up every single time I have to move.
Best moment this week:
FINALLY being able to paint the spare room turned nursery!
Worst moment this week: Painting. HAHA
Miss anything:
Sleeping on my stomach. And deli sandwiches. But I totally splurged and had a roast beast sammy. I HAD to…otherwise I probably would have died.
Not a whole lot..this child is awfully docile. Either that or it’s way smaller than they think it is! (of course right now it decides to start kicking like crazy!)
Cravings: Still that ground beef!
Queasy or sick:
Nope!! This is definitely the most exciting part of pregnancy I think..and most enjoyable.
Labor Signs:
No labor signs, keep those away for a few more months please.
Not really much of anything going on lately. It’s kind of nice.
Wedding rings on or off: On. I have the cold months on my side – my fingers tend to shrink from the weather.
Looking forward to:
Nesting for real. Walls are painted, new ceiling fan is hung thanks to my wonderful hubby who doesn’t get frustrated with anything! The room is SO cozy I want to live in there. Just have to move the bed out after the holidays, make one more storage trip and we can officially nest. 🙂

IMG_3515My little handyman and new Grey walls. LOVE them.

IMG_3504And I wanted to share my little jacket thing…I want to call it a cloak…or peplum but it’s really neither. It was one if my finds at that yard sale a few weeks back. It’s super warm and perfect for this time of year to fit over my ever growing belly! I love it. It’s Scooter Brown brand which I have never heard of, either way it’s super cute! Also, still in my pre-preg skinny jeans with a Bellaband holding them up. I do enjoy that thing – but I have to be honest, I can’t wait to get home and unwrap myself from all these clothes.

2 thoughts on “21 Weeks

  1. Mom

    I love your latest update and I’m so excited for you and Kevin!! You look wonderful and I’m so proud of both of you!! This is such an exciting time…for you guys and for us future Grandparents as well! Love you!!

  2. Adrianne

    Such a cute belly!!!!! You look amazing!!! Love reading all of your updates !! Can’t wait to see you guys in A few weeks!!


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