5 Meals. 1 Day.

I recently shared a months worth of meal prepping, recipes and tips & tricks to make cooking easier! Now, I want to give you a little insight on what a typical day looks like in my lunchbox! Yes, I usually eat 5 meals a day. Yes, that sounds like a lot. Yes, my coworkers all think I’m nuts and wonder how I’m not 2 tons. I keep my metabolism going by eating breakfast early, jump starting my body and keeping it moving (on the inside) all day long with the food I eat.

I pack myself 4 meals – it seems more like 2 meals and 2 snacks but the snacks are more substantial than that 100 calorie bag of Doritos. I try to get a protein, fat, veggie and carb into each meal. If one meal misses out, then I will try and make it up in another meal.

IMG_8083M1: Egg Muffin. M2: Greek Yogurt & Blueberries. M3: English Muffin Pizza. M4: Hardboiled Eggs.

IMG_8359M1: Quiche. M2: Overnight Oats. M3: BBQ Naan Pizza. M4: Energy Bites/Almonds.

IMG_8562M1: Egg Scramble with Chicken. M2: Oats w/ Protein and Almond Milk. M3: Stuffed Shell and Stuffed Cabbage. M4: Cheese and Crackers.

Thanks for reading – I hope this gives you some (quick) ideas for meals during the day.

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