5 Years and Many More

Super late on this update but clearly the life of being a new Mom has proved to be crazier than I expected!

Kevin and I celebrated our fifth, yes FIFTH, Wedding Anniversary two weeks ago on May 1. I cannot believe how time has flown by and it’s only going to go by quicker from here on out. I was so excited for date night that I got up, got showered, did my hair and makeup all before 8am….wow. It was a good thing because Brandon did not let me get much done during the day. Kevin was SO sweet and woke up early to make breakfast and bake Blueberry Muffins which tasted delicious.



IMG_4410After going back and forth about where to go to eat and when, we decided to try a new restaurant downtown – it just changed owners but the same delicious food. We were SO thankful to have our friends Jen and Dan volunteer to babysit the Bran-demon so we could enjoy ourselves. Having them watch the little guy put us at ease and let us enjoy the evening together without worrying – not to mention he ended up sleeping 7 hours straight that night. Jen is the baby whisperer for realz.

IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4419Talk about a much needed night out to enjoy a real meal, uninterrupted and not a casserole! We had some drinks, some Ceviche, Ox Tail Croquettes, Duck and Quail. To top off the night, we have a delicious dessert in celebration of five years.

Brandon and I are so lucky to have this guy in our lives! Here’s to the man who puts up with my good and not so good shenanigans! My great husband and even better Daddy. What’s in store for the next five years?

IMG_4429 IMG_4446

2 thoughts on “5 Years and Many More

  1. J

    We were happy to babysit and will do it any time!! He was an angel! 🙂
    So glad everything checked out with his other appointments! <3


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