6 Months

image1Age: 6 Months

Stats: 18lb (58 percentile), dome 43.8cm (62 percentile), 27″ (75 percentile)

Clothes/Size: Brandon is pretty much in 6 month clothing now. Right on target, huh? Now the fun part starts – layers. UGH. As if a wrestling a onesie wasn’t enough, now we need pants, socks and long sleeves. He’s too long for one piece outfits and his feet are too damn big even if he fit lengthwise.

Favorite Foods: Honestly, what doesn’t this child eat? Grandpa spoon fed him syrup at the diner over the weekend and he gobbled that up like the grown up little boy he thinks he is! Only twice has he not wanted to eat for whatever reason. But from now until 9 months we can start introducing a sippy cup, fruit juice, cheerios and all that fun stuff!

Diaper size: We blew through the size 2 diapers and are on our last package. I was storing all the size 3 at my parents house but brought them back with us the last time we were home so it’s time to bust into all 540975 of those. That’ll last what, a month? AYE

How much am I eating: Solids about 1/2c in the morning and night and about 24oz of milk throughout the day. He’s certainly a growing boy.

Words: No words yet, but he sure does love to coo, screech, and laugh! He thinks sneezes and yawns are the most hilarious things. How I love his little giggle.

Activities: Sitting up and rolling has become a breeze. He still hasn’t figured out the crawling or dragging himself across the floor in any form. We’re probably better off!

Sleep: So basically every single night is different. The last two nights he slept straight from 8pm-6/630am which has been amazing. Today he got shots so tonight will probably be a rough night – not to mention he’s taking a late afternoon nap. merp!

Favorite Things: All of the toys mentioned in the last post are still the favorites. We’ve tried reading to him but he has absolutely no interest in listening or sitting still for ANY amount of time.

 Signature Moves: Rolling. Sitting. Leaning. Standing with assistance. Playing and sucking on his toys and toes!

Mom’s Proudest Moment: I’m just proud of what Kevin and I have accomplished by ourselves (for the most part). Obviously we get help from family and friends but we are pretty much 95% on our own with this “having a baby” thing and it’s hard. It most definitely has tested our relationship with each other and I think we have done an amazing job. If anything, we have come out stronger and really will and able to work with each other and be able to tap out if we just need time to ourselves. I have officially been pumping for 6 months as well. Kevin celebrated by making me a “6” month waffle for breakfast. Brandon knows his name which is one of the coolest things. He knows us and pulls himself towards us if he wants to be held – which isn’t often. It’s so sweet seeing him really knowing who we are, but at the same time being OK with strangers.

image2Dad’s Proudest Moment: Without knowing what I wrote, I asked Kevin his proudest moment. He loves seeing Brandon so happy. The kid almost always has a smile on his face or is laughing. Kevin also likes that Brandon knows his own name! He likes to carrying him around, put him on his shoulders, look at leaves and play airplane.

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  1. Mom

    I can’t get enough of your blog…..can you please make it longer? I don’t want to stop reading it!! Brandon is growing up so nicely and both you and Kevin are such terrific parents!! I love you all!! xoxo


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