8 Weeks

IMG_4651Age: 8 Weeks / 2 Months (technically, 9 weeks today)

Stats: 12lb 2oz (42 percentile), dome 39.5cm (59 percentile), 24.5″ (96 percentile)

Clothes/Size: We are basically out the Newborn clothes and entering the 0-3 and 3 Month sizes. He’s only wearing the NB pants when it’s cold inside or out but he’s mostly in one-piece outfits or a onesie when it’s sweating out! I think we’ll be in the 0-3 month range for a while.

Favorite Foods: I’m still pumping so Brandon is getting mostly milk. I give him milk all day (from his first feeding after 6am until his dinner feeding around 5pm), the remaining nighttime feedings he gets milk mixed with formula to stick with him a little longer and to help me stash up milk for the next day. My milk storage is backing up so I think we’re going to transition to milk at all feedings.

Diaper size: We are officially in Size 1…lets hope we stay here for a while since I have quite a few.

How much am I eating: We were originally going back and forth between Enfamil and Similac (for Supplementing) but we noticed Enfamil was making him fussier than normal (even if it says it helps colic and fussiness…not). He had a huge growth spurt last week and ate nonstop – like close to 30oz in a 24-hour period. Now he manages 3-4oz at each feeding.

Mama’s weight: I haven’t been on the scale in a while and I’m not happy about how I look or feel lately. Just been run down and the free time on weekends is spent doing other things than working out. I’m in all my normal clothes, just have a little extra “skin” around the midsection that will come off with focused gym time. I hope to do that once I start back to work.

Words: Hes cooing a lot more and now smiling!

Activities: We’re still trying to get Brandon to spend time on his play mat. I’ve been giving him more toys to play with during the day that he can try to hold – his hand coordination still needs some improvement but I don’t think he’s supposed to have that just yet. He has made huge improvements on his belly!

Sleep: Brandon’s sleep really has been decent. We’ve implemented a routine at night which consists of Bath/Bottle(Boob for you nursing Moms)/Book (eventually)/Bed. It definitely has seemed to help. We try to play with him and tire him out then start the bath around 7:30-8pm which puts him to bed (in his swing) around 8:30pm or so…he usually falls asleep while feeding. He’ll wake up around 12:30-1:30am, feeds and goes right back to sleep. He will then, usually, wake up in the 3:30-4:30am time to be rocked/walked right back to sleep and then wakes up for good around 6:00-6:30am. It’s definitely doable. He’s had 3 nights of 8-10 hours of sleep with a 30 minute feeding…that we can get used to!

Favorite Things: B-man still loves to be swaddled. He has also taken a liking to the Summer brand blanket we started throwing over him. He snuggles it and just loves it.  Side note – We just started using Aden and Anais Bibs and in less than 12 hours the snap ripped and we couldn’t use it properly. I contacted Aden and Anais directly and they are sending a new one. Great company to work with.

 Signature Moves: He’s getting better head and neck strength. Hopefully he will be able to push himself up on his elbows soon and then roll over after that.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: I have a lot to be proud of since little man’s 1 month check up. He’s becoming such a big boy now, getting stronger every day. He has taken to our nightly routine SO well and has been sleeping like a champ at night. Transitioning to the crib will be a bigger challenge. We had great doctor’s appointments, he’s growing at a great rate as well. Brandon is smiling a lot more now and finding his little voice which we are loving. Brandon got a cocktail of shots today and he was so brave. Only a little crying and then soothed to sleep. I love this little guy more and more every day!

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Daddy is happy that both of Brandon’s Ultrasounds came back with good news!

We’re finally taking the trip home to NY this weekend for my family to meet Brandon. It’s been about four months since I’ve been home which is unheard of and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait for everyone to see him and hold him and especially for my Grandma to meet her first Great Grandson! I’m so excited!!!

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