9-10 Month Favorites

It’s about time I do a little round-up of some items we have been liking and some toys that keep Brandon entertained for a whole 85 seconds!

9monthtoysPout Pout Fish / Stacking Cups / Zoli Teether / Cloth Book / Baby Einstein / Bowls / Blankets / Crib Shoes / Cup / Blocks / Bath Book

This has been one of my most fun “collections” yet because I can say it’s all things that Brandon (or we) love and actually get some use! He’s really interacting with everything since he hit about 9 months and it’s been SO fun to watch him learn and just absorb it all!

Books, books, Books – or as Brandon says “bough”. He has one bath book (which I have no idea who bought it or where it came from), it’s Garanimals Colors book and he has worn. it. out. Between that and his green turtle which came from a bath toy set – the two things I couldn’t actually find to link up here, he is set with toys! But books, he loves his books and loves to repeat “book” after us. He crawls up on our lap at bedtime so we can read Pout Pout Fish which is his (and mine) favorite book ever. The cloth book is beyond awesome. There are animals inside the front and back cover and they each have a “home” within the book. It’s beyond adorable and can be personalized.

Teethers, suction cup bowls/plates, and sippy cups are always a must. The Dr. Brown’s have worked best of Brandon. I have bought a few others and he can’t seem to get anything out of them. I have the 6 and 10oz Dr. B ones and they are great. The handles are removable so it can grow as your little one does.

Shoes on a baby – I know, pointless. But when it’s below freezing out and your little one is starting to cruise around, you gotta give some support and warmth to those feet. I recommend Crib Shoes. They’re soft, easy to put on and comfortable. We get all Brandon’s shoes at a Second-hand store for children so I don’t cringe at the price tags and wonder if he’ll ever get use out of the clothes. For $2-$8 I am much more content if he wears it only once.

His music table is till a favorite. Our friends bought him the Pum Pum Drum and he’s still learning what it is. The little egg shaker he’s a pro with but Daddy is teaching him the drums. He is obsessed with the stacking cups and likes his blocks as well. I can’t say enough good things about the Aden and Anais blankets which we keep all over the house and car especially in the cold weather.

I think that’s pretty much all of our favorites from the last few weeks and I am so happy to finally get to share something that’s actually Brandon’s favorite and not just mine! What are your kiddos loving?

One thought on “9-10 Month Favorites

  1. Adrianne

    Glad he likes the grananimals book ?
    Bath books are the best! The boys atill live their baths and the bath toys! Wait till he’s old enough to use the bath crayons and markers!!!!! ☺️ Xoxo


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