30 Random Facts About Me!

There’s only so much I can say in 60 characters about myself so I figured today I would go a little more in depth of what makes me, me!

IMG_55731 / i love the smell of fresh cut grass first thing in the morning
2 / birds are so annoying
3 / i have two tattoos, one was spur of the moment in college and the other has more meaning – both are hidden. i want more
4 / i’ve been the height i am now since about Middle School – being almost 5’8″ at age 12 is kind of freak status
5 / because of said height, i never got comfortable wearing high heels
6 / i’ve had three major reconstructive hip surgeries (and 3 minor ones to go along with them), read about that here

hipw 2013-17 / i grew up in New York / i don’t like Cheesecake
8 / i could (and do) eat tossed salad everyday of my life
9 / i don’t like cake or pie or any sweets really
10 / i’m too organized

IMG_377511 / i love musicals
12 / my middle name is Renee
13 / public speaking to any extent makes me want to keel over and die
14 / my parents will be married 48 years in October
15 / Kevin usually cuts my hair for me because I can’t see spending $ on something like that
16 / i have a Forensic Science Degree and I work in a Chemistry Lab
17 / i don’t like to cuddle
18 / my favorite job was working as a camp counselor
19 / i wear my Grandma’s Family Ring everyday
20 / my favorite girls name has always been Olivia…until it became the most popular for the last five years and I’ve never had a favorite boys name

DSCN858921 / i had braces and am obsessed with checking my teeth after every meal
22 / DKNY was my favorite brand for years and years
23 / coconut makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon
24 / i don’t like bacon or (cooked) spinach
25 / i hate roller coasters or any ride that makes my stomach flip flop
26 / i have an older brother
27 / i’m a Sagittarius
28 / people are usually a little intimidated when they first meet me but I promise I’m really nice
29 / i love camouflage
30 / i was an athlete in school and miss playing sports big time


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