A little of this, a little of that

Who isn’t loving this weather! I am so happy it actually feels like Spring and Brandon and I can go outside and enjoy it!

Things are getting a little easier everyday even though the little guy changes up his “routine” by the minute. I would like to try to keep him a little consistent but taking day trips throws things off and he doesn’t get a GOOD nap. Although, that meant that he slept like a champ last night! 10:30pm-3:00am and then again 3:30am-6:30am with no fussing. I’m totally okay with that plan. He has a “witching” hour between about 7pm and 9pm where he is just pretty miserable. He eats and eats and eats and fusses but I think it’s just his way of preparing to hibernate a few more hours.

Brandon is signed up for Daycare which means this Momma is heading back to work in a few weeks. I have mixed emotions about it. I do get a little jealous when Kevin leaves in the morning as I kind of wish it was me for a change, but at the same time I don’t want to leave my little man SO SOON! My company is letting me start out with three days a week which will be amazing on the budget as well. Looking forward to that even though it’s going to be a HUGE change trying to get out of here in the morning.

In other news, here are some pictures of the little guy since he is changing by the hour now!

IMG_4344 IMG_4401 IMG_4402Brandon’s hair did fall out a few weeks back but its it’s starting to grow back in now so he doesn’t have a bald head! Only the top though, so he kind of looks like a clown!

Zoe girl found a new home in the stroller. We just have to be sure to make sure she’s NOT in it when we decide to go for a walk. How can you yell at such a cute little girl?!


And lastly, Kevin and I ordered a couple prints from the hospital photo shoot and picked up some frames at Ikea over the weekend so we could finally hang them. Too bad little Brandon doesn’t look anything like that now. I love his little shrine.


Happy soon-to-be May Day to everyone and an early Happy 5th Anniversary to a #1 Husband and FABULOUS Daddy. <3

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