Another Cooking Class

It seems that my posts are becoming strictly menus and meal planning – I’m ok with that! This week was another busy one between work, yoga, Kevin being sick on his Birthday and trying to plan things around all of that. Here’s a look at what went down!

IMG_2070Tuesday I was feeling energized and thought making Shrimp Stir Fry and baking Chocolate Chip Cookies was a good idea. I was right! I mean, what’s better than a healthy stir fry with Miracle Noodles followed up with ooey gooey chocolaty goodness???

IMG_2051I was a bottomless pit this week! I do not bake. I do not enjoy baking. I am horrible at baking. But for some reason I decided I HAD to make these. Gosh, did they turn out fabulous!

Wednesday was another easy meal – one pot meals are ALWAYS the best. And even better when they’re good for you. It was Turkey Kielbasa and Peppers – minus the bun.

IMG_2065It looked so pretty I couldn’t pass up the photo-op. Topped with yummy vinegary sauerkraut and spicy mustard this was a win win double WIN!

Thursday was hubby’s 29th birthday and he was sicker than sick. Poor thing didn’t want to do anything! He had requested Eggs Benedict earlier in the week so that’s what I prepared for Breakfast before heading off to work. I am happy with my poached eggs and homemade Hollandaise.

IMG_2058I was late for work…but who cares?

Yesterday, we celebrated Kevin’s birthday by going to a brew pub which is a pretty good hike to the northern part of the state. We spent 4 hours eating, drinking and mingling. It was an awesome day with some PHENOMinal beers! 🙂  And today he is polishing up his kegs so he can start brewing again. Look at my little hardworking man (sick, in a t-shirt, with snow on the ground)!

IMG_2095 IMG_2081While I was inside COOKING COOKING, finishing the laundry, COOKING and lint-rollering the couch which is covered in kitten hair. argh. On the menu today, Homemade Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese!!! I know, your mouth is watering.


And it’s the start to another fun busy week here for the Laroche’s. Kevin heads up north to Canada for his annual Snowboard trip and I head home to NY with my favorite furry friend in tow. Here’s our meal plan for the week – assuming we don’t run out of days to eat it all!

IMG_2079Monday – Quinoa Burgers with Macaroni Salad

Tuesday – Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Tacos

Wednesday – Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Home bound.

Today I used the Sausage and Escarole to make a Minestra Soup along with my Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheeses. <3 I also splurged on Blood Oranges to juice for some VERY tasty cocktails, gotta get them while they’re in season!

That’s what’s happening in our world, just more eating! Have a good recipe for me to try? Let me know!! Happy Eating.

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  1. Mom

    Love, love, love reading your Blog!! You are so organized, and have a great life with that handsome hubby of yours!! Keep up the good work!!

    See you and your furry friend later this week…!!


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