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I wanted to share a couple ways I save money other than store fliers and manufacturers coupons. While those options are great way to plan meals and save money I also use a couple Apps on my phone to boost my savings even more.

There are LOADS of Apps that you can use to save money, some require the savings to be loaded to your account and then scan the phone or card prior to checking out and others only need a snap of your receipt. I stumbled on one through a magazine article years ago and have stuck with it ever since. I average $0.25-$1.00 a week using Checkout21 since the product options are not items I typically buy, but something is better than nothing, right?

checkThe second App, a little different, is for savings at liquor stores and restaurants. When I was on the hunt for Tequila a few weeks ago I ended up frozen in the aisle looking at 15 different kinds ranging from $20-$80+. Since I’m really trying to stay within budget lately (but trying NOT to skimp on taste) I opted for the brand that had a $4 rebate associated with it (didn’t hurt that it was the “Manager’s Pick” as well). bevRAGE (use code YXGNQMLO)is currently my newest app-session!! I grabbed tequila and wine (decent wine I might add) and got $6 put right back into my pocket. I like this app because not only does it have deals within the store, but there’s also an option for money savings at restaurants and bars. For example, in my location (which is where the deals are based), if I have an Absolute Vodka Cocktail, I can cash in on $4! Budweiser Draft = $3. Be sure to check it out regularly as the deals are constantly changing.

bevI would love to hear about apps that you use? I also know of Cartwheel, and ibotta, but I hardly ever go to Target so I don’t even have the app. Do you? Do you like it? Many savings apps have bonuses for signing up, and an additional bonus when you make your first purchase within 10 days! Free. Money.

This post was done entirely by me and I was not paid to talk about any of these apps.

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  1. Kimberly

    I have used Cartwheel – its not bad at all, I have saved over $200 in the last year and half that I started using it. Other then that Kroger’s app for its coupons and then the manufacturers. Looks like I shall check these tow out as well!

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