Brandon’s First Birthday

Blink and a week has flown by, blink again and two weeks are gone – that’s how I’ve felt lately. It feels like we were just planning Brandon’s party and I look at the calendar to realize it was two weeks ago! The days are flying by faster than we know which means our little baby is really turning into our little boy right in front of our eyes. Every single day is more fun and funny. Here’s a little peak at Brandon’s party a couple weeks ago.

I knew I didn’t want some cheesy “theme” for his party, there will be plenty of those down the road when he wants trains and dump trucks and cartoon characters and there’s no way of talking him out of it! For now, let’s make it plain and simple! I couldn’t decided on a color scheme but KNEW I didn’t want generic boy blue and being as his birthday is the day before St. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t want green either. My first stop was the Target Dollar Spot and that’s where the party came to life in my head.

TEAL. That was it. Teal and red? Teal and black? I wasn’t sure, but knew we were going with TEAL. I was in Target a little before Valentine’s day and of course everything was pink and red, red and pink – if only Brandon was a Brandy….

I threw everything into my cart. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that could be used for his party. Straws and cups and chalk boards and garland and tissue name it, I bought it. I also grabbed some cute glass bottles for the kids so they could sip on juice while the adults indulged on the strong stuff. The day was EXTREMELY busy so it was a little difficult to snap pictures of everything but I tried. My Mom picked up some cute paper plates and napkins months ago which just happened to be teal.

I made a “Happy Birthday” ombre banner using different colors of teal as well as a “ONE” banner for Brandon’s highchair using the same colors. I tried to do the same effects using balloons but the grocery store had limited colors – so we used white (should have done clear), light blue and teal. We had a white/vanilla/buttercream cake with teal writing and balloons. I hung one tissue garland and three tissue poms from Target and called it a day. My focus was on the little guy and the food.

bran brandSomeone was over tired but did manage to enjoy (his first) piece of cake at his party! Thank you to our family and friends that all traveled to Connecticut to celebrate Brandon’s 1st Birthday. It will always be one to remember! This little boy is loved more than he knows,

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