Bye Bye Belly

These first few weeks of being a Mommy and Daddy have been a little stressful! Luckily, my Mom was able to spend a week with us to lessen the burden a little – one more set of hands makes life a million times easier. Now she’s gone and it’s REALLY time to do things on my own while Kevin is at work and its been hard, but we’re working through it and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. Not to mention we’ve had about two weeks of crappy, rainy weather and its making me go stir crazy! It’s one thing packing the little guy up to go to the store and with rain on top of it, I’m not prepared to face that just yet!

Anyway, my next adventure is to get my body and health back into gear so starting Monday will be my 6 week jump start to a bikini body! Yup, ya heard that right. I’ll only be 4 weeks postpartum so I can’t do a whole lot of activity yet as things are still healing, but I will do what I can and really try to focus on meal planning and prep so I can grab food easier during the day and not go for unhealthy items.

We’ll start with the “before” pictures. Here I am 1 week and 3 weeks postpartum.


IMG_4227 IMG_4228







I’m sure you’re thinking “what weight do you have to lose”. Yeah, sure…it doesn’t look like I just popped out a child but there is flabby skin that needs to be toned and I won’t feel good about it until that’s taken care of. I lost a lot of muscle that I worked so hard for and need to get that back. I can’t complain, I am back to pre-pregnancy weight and in all my normal clothes – even though I spend the majority of my week in sweats. The life of a Momma. Did I mention I have the cutest baby on the planet…who hates baths!

IMG_4249 IMG_4255 IMG_4256

One thought on “Bye Bye Belly

  1. Mom

    I just want to jump into this website and grab that little man and hug him to death…such a cutie!! And I’m so proud of how you are looking and just hope you are feeling as good! I’m also so proud of Kevin as a new Dad…you both are just wonderful together and as a family!! Love you!!


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