Christmas Recap

Christmas is over and the household is put back to normal! Saturday our tree was untrimmed and out the door it went. I love the Holidays but I also love our house getting back to normal and look a little de-cluttered!

We spent Friday opening gifts with my family and even Zoe got a gift from “Grandma” (I’m totally not that person but it’s funny to say!).


We had Stocking Stuffers galore packed with small food items, lotions and more. This super cute glass, Grey Goose glass was a winning item and today it was turned into a candle holder! So loving it!


Cocktails, Cocktails and more Cocktails! We aren’t heavy drinkers but do enjoy a treat before dinner. If you follow my Instagram, you already saw this Apple Pie Martini. Vodka, Sparkling Cider with a dash or Allspice topped with a Granny Apple Slice and Star Anise. I think I made about 15 of these over two days. The yummiest martini I have ever had!


We had so much food I think we all gained about 15 pounds! From the Breakfast Casserole, to the Leg of Lamb and Maid-Rites followed by Pigs in a Blanket – Sausage in French Toast style! I absolutely love entertaining and trying new recipes – everything was a win win this Christmas. I loved having my parents and brother here for the long weekend, it is something different and makes waking up more exciting!

Starting out the New Year, we will continue a healthy lifestyle. I try not to make resolutions because I don’t need the change of a date to make changes in my life. With surgery behind me (for good this time), a new four legged addition to our family and always looking for new ways to better our bodies, we are looking forward to an exciting 2014!

IMG_1632 IMG_1633

Here is how I started my New Years Eve! An iced coffee with a water sidecar. This new drink infuser cup was under the tree this year and I am loving it! Who actually likes drinking water? I try to as much as possible as difficult as it is. This new cup has a little infuser area so I can add whatever fruit flavors I want. On today’s menu, Clementines! After I feel water logged, I eat the yummy fruit! It’s a win-win for my health and taste buds!

Goodbye 2013 and Welcome a fresh year with new memories!

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