December Man-Favs

I hope that you’re all enjoying December as much as I am. It’s such a great busy month and a lot of things need to get done before we can feel accomplished and kick back with a beer – or hot cocoa!

Here are my picks for the man in your life – it covers all grounds!

December Favs

Six Pack PlatesCrown Tumblers – Gift Cards – Multi-ToolSmartWool SocksKeurig V700

1- These Six Pack Plates are just the cutest toughest things I have seen and would be a great addition to the beer lover in your life – and the ladies won’t mind them much either.

2 – Crown Tumblers would pair nicely with a case of your man’s favorite beer. These are a little more old school – and a bit larger than the typical pint glass. The smaller ones are perfect for those of us that don’t need to drink a pool to feel quenched.

3 – Who doesn’t love a gift card? How about a gift  card to your favorite restaurant, or a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try – you can pick up the rest of the tab to make it a true “from you” kind of gift.

4 – SmartWool Socks…Kevin swears by these socks. They have different weights to keep those toes warm and dry for any activity. I know they come with a hefty price tag for a pair of socks – your man will thank you.

5 – Keurig – The new Vue systems come with so many options what’s not to love?

6 – Multi-tools are a win win for any dude. The more accessories, the more he can use it for any task you need him to do. Added bonus – get it engraved to add that personal touch!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my monthly favorites! It’s so much fun planning gifts for the guys and getting a theme together. He doesn’t need more underwear or another tie. Make opening gifts worth while and not bank account draining!

Happy Tuesday!


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