Decorating for Santa

Some years I’m all into the holidays and some years I’m a bah-humbug and can’t find the ambition to decorate! I know, it’s awful. This year I feel too overwhelmed with things for some reason…but I still found the time to pull out some of my Christmas favorites and scatter them all throughout the house! It helps that my family is coming to our house to celebrate Christmas this year which gives me a reason to show off a little.

I decided to try something new this year with our tree trimmings. I have bins and bins full of decorations I’ve gathered throughout my life and they tend to make our tree look cluttered. I went out to Target and bought these simple little beauties in Silver and Leaf Green – yeah slight green obsession. I also had some tiny white and red balls that I’ve had for years and snuck those in to fill out open spaces. Finished with white lights and a new Tree Star Topper and we’re good to go! Definitely needing a new tree skirt, but haven’t found one I adore yet…and if I like it, it’s way too much money for what it is. I plan to check out some after Christmas sales though.

Did I mention Zoe decided she wanted to unwrap AND undecorate our tree yesterday? She’s so cute tho. Poor image quality. Sorry.


Unfortunate truth about living in a condo is that we we don’t have a fireplace so we have to make due with what we do have. Luckily, there is a little ledge on our landing which is where most of the decorating takes place. I changed some things up this year, got some new Stockings and one for Zoe, but there are no “Z” initials – sorry kid. My Mr. and Mrs. Clause were made by my Grandma many, many years ago and I cherish putting them out every year. It reminds me of her and brings me back to my childhood!


My new stocking holders came from Target but are no longer available…yes, because of me they are now sold out in the entire state! I am SO loving them now. I used to have the weighted ones but I got bored of those. These are super cute and now we have extras for one day when there are more than just two of us! I ordered the feather tree online, RueLaLa, and I’m not sure I love it as much as I had hoped. At least the cat leaves it alone and it folds up flat for easy storage. Last but not least, my “Tis the Season to be Merry” from my favorite Holiday movie of all time – it’s a Griswold Family Christmas…find others like it on ETSY at DolceAve and check out Megan’s blog over at hellonewlywedlife.

IMG_1461Upstairs in our hallway is a little “couch table” which primarily holds our Wedding Pictures and the like. I got these little guys from BEtimeless over at ETSY and she was sweet enough to work with me to get Halloween and Thanksgiving ones with a coupon code. I LOVE them and think they add such a cute touch.

IMG_1462And to top off our Christmas Festivities, you can’t just drink tea and coffee out of everyday mugs or eat snacks off of normal plates, come on! I’m finally putting these little guys to use on my new mug rack!


Happy Decorating! What does your house look like?


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