Easter Meal and Daily Meals

Two more days of work and then a nice, long weekend home with the family for Easter! I am SO hoping the weather cooperates like it was last weekend and we can take advantage of our  patio!

I wanted to share some Easter Dinner ideas – our menu isn’t finalized quite yet but here’s a sneak peak!

Friday – My brother comes into town!! YAY! We’ll have a light lunch and clean up the house a little and then we decided to take him out to a local Brewery and then go around the corner for Burgers and MORE Brews afterward! I can’t wait.

Saturday – My parents arrive at some point and the Easter Shenanigans being! We will be coloring eggs, enjoying each others company and EATING! Still determining if we’ll have dinner out or stay in. But I am leaning towards staying in and OD’ing on delicious Teriyaki Chicken on the bar-b!

Sunday Funday – Easter Sunday! We will start with some Challah Bread and a Starbucks run (oh yeah)..maybe have some light snacks, nothing too filling to make room for the main show. Appetizers will be Seafood Crepes with Madeira Sauce. AH I am so excited for these. And for the drumroll…..Roasted Duck Breast! omg omg omg drool. With a couple veggie sides and potatoes of some kind. Kevin’s Mom is coming down Sunday as well and she will be bringing yummy dessert.

So much for this week of heart pounding working out, I’ll be eating it all back this weekend.

Anyway, there’s a look at this weekends eating. I will have pictures after the weekend to show all of our festivities. But I’ll leave you with a typical “day in the life” meal plan!

mealplanBottom right – morning usually kicks off with egg whites (or tofu), beans (black, kidney, chickpea), onions, mushrooms, peppers – anything we have. Topped with Avocado and Tabasco – sometimes with a side of Chicken Sausage.

Top Left – Morning snack- Cottage Cheese and Almonds. This is my go-to snack. When it’s not available, I go with Rice Cakes and Tuna, Apple and Cheese, etc.

Top Middle – Lunch differs but this day I had a large salad with ALL the trimmings, including avocado and beans as well as a leftover turkey burger. SO good.

*Iced Green Tea or Water is literally in my hand ALL day long and I run to the bathroom ALL day long.

Dinner was roasted pork chop with steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes.

On days where I am a bit hungrier, I throw in some pretzels or cut up veggies.

Hope you enjoy all the food in this post. I’m hungry, time for snack!

One thought on “Easter Meal and Daily Meals

  1. Mom

    You eat stuff I have never even purchased, much less eaten !! But it does sound good, and you are so creative with your meals! You go-girl !!


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