Hoppy Easter! I think Easter is one of my favorite Holidays. It’s so bright and cheery and puts everyone is such a good mood as Spring and Summer are in sight! For someone who practically lives in dark colors and hats, bright and cheery is totally out of my comfort zone. But all I have to say is one word, TULIPS!

We have an early Easter this year which isn’t the greatest, I would much rather enjoy it mid-April when it’s ACTUALLY starting to look and feel warmer. Not like this winter hasn’t been super warm up here in the Northeast. I’m just looking forward to everything there is to come, celebrating and watching Brandon grow and enjoy everything.

Here are a few goodies I’ve found, but I’m still on the lookout for an Easter Basket – maybe something I can use all year long or something I can use every Easter…perhaps this, or these? That Anthropologie one is on sale and that set of three, I’ll have one for Kevin and one for a second baby when that time comes. Hmmm…

easterCrayola / Basket / Book / Hoppy Paws / Magnet Blocks / Crayons / Hat / Mocs / Pajamas

I know I’ve mentioned the Tegu Blocks before, and forget using them in a building fashion, Brandon really likes using these on the refrigerator and dishwasher (but mostly he likes throwing them in the garbage). I’m telling you, these Night Before books are adorable and there’s one for every holiday PLUS. Egg shaped Crayons (these will be Brandon’s first) and I thought they were too perfect in addition to being easy for him to hold.

I’m hopeful for blue skies and treats galore this year! Happy Easter everyone!

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